My PsA Quiz

I am concerned about what the future looks like and could use some direction

A compass
  • Life is unpredictable with so many recent flares and new complications
  • I feel, friends – even my doctor – do not understand
  • I would like to find a treatment that gives me more control over my day-to-day

Day-to-Day Impact

Between the pain, swelling, and stiffness, PsA can have a big effect on your day. Canceling plans is not uncommon, especially if you are having a flare or are super tired. It can be frustrating feeling like you are missing out on moments and memories.


Managing Flares

PsA can be unpredictable. What triggers a flare-up? It varies from person to person and can even change over time. Knowing when a flare is coming on can be tough. ­That is why it is important to track your symptoms to see if you can identify any possible triggers.

How Severe Was Your Last Flare?


Dealing with Doctors

Finding a healthcare provider who serves as a partner in your care is essential in making sure you get the help you need. Open and honest communication with your doctor is a must. Prepare before your appointment. Know what questions you want to ask. This will help make your visit more successful.


Treatment Options

Trying to find a treatment that works for you? It can be exhausting – and overwhelming. There are a number of different treatment options out there. When selecting a treatment, your doctor will look at a variety of factors, including type of PsA and severity.