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My PsA Quiz

My skin symptoms affect so much – I need help figuring out what to do next

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  • My skin feels like it’s on fire – it’s so uncomfortable
  • The unwanted comments and stares sometimes hurt just as much
  • I worry about the long-term impact of my next flare

Getting Through the Day-to-Day

Psoriatic arthritis has a way of making the simplest tasks tough. Morning stiffness. Sleeping through the night. Itchy, angry plaques that keep wardrobe choices top of mind. Even showering can be a real “pain.” At times, it can seem like your symptoms consume every second of every day.


The Emotional Toll

The emotional side of PsA can be a lot to deal with. When you’re flaring, you may feel like covering up to hide your plaques. You may also feel sad when you have to miss out. Or guilty for having to say no. Sometimes it may even be a challenge to figure out exactly what you’re feeling – and how to get through.

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Managing Pain & Discomfort

Everybody experiences PsA differently. Flares may alternate with periods of remission. At times, dealing with the pain can be downright hard. There are a variety of ways to handle the discomfort and manage the pain when skin flare-ups hit.

How’s Your Skin Feeling Today?


Juggling It All

Living with PsA can sometimes feel like a balancing act. Managing doctor’s appointments and work or family responsibilities. Getting enough rest while staying active. Dealing with the good days and not-so-good days. It can be a lot to keep up in the air. Having an open and honest conversation with someone you trust can help lighten the load.