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Tips For Psoriatic Arthritis Flare Days

There are over 300 joints in our body, so I think it is probably safe to say that when I say all my joints are hurting, it is possible that I am being slightly dramatic. I am pretty sure that not all of them hurt at the same time. But I tell you what, it sure feels like it.

I am currently experiencing a horrendous flare, the type that turns me into a hermit at home. Simply moving to get me out of bed has been such a big task. Everything hurts.

In the throes of a psoriatic arthritis flare

The weather is brewing some rain, which has undoubtedly sent my joints into a state of panic. Winter, overall, is a tough time for me. The seasons in South Africa may run a bit differently than what you're used to. My psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis feel that this is their time to shine.

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They take every inch of these 4 months to show off what they can do, and oh my, do they take this job seriously. Just 2 days ago, I woke up with the most pain I have felt in the probably the last year. It honestly felt like every major joint and some not-so-major ones were on fire.

There is no pain relief in sight!

Waking up with more pain than usual isn't an uncommon feeling for me. If I ease my way into the day, with time, I could defrost, and it would lessen the pain slightly. With a hot shower and some painkillers, I am usually good to go through the day.

Today, this is not doing the trick. I have been through the usual motions, and there is simply no relief in sight. My joints feel like they are under an immense amount of pressure, and this burning sensation just will not let up.

Tips for making it through days like this

Slowly and with great difficulty, that is how. Working and cleaning the house is a no-go. Many people do not understand this. As we were fine yesterday and today, we can hardly move. It is as mysterious for us as it is for others, partnered with intense frustration.

So slowly does it, warm baths and showers. Taking some naps might help, and eating a few nutritious meals, even if you need to have them delivered. I find soups make me feel much better. There is usually some in my freezer, so I do not need to prep any food.

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Will the pain ever end?!

Well, as long as it wants to. My flares can last anything from 4-10 days before it starts slowing down. There is no way to tell. While a psoriatic arthritis flare cannot be seen on the outside, take my word for it, they are horrific. In addition to our bodies, it can take its toll on our minds.

Be sure to look after yourself. Reach out for help if you need it, and lean on those around you. The house chores can wait, and so can any social engagements. Pushing yourself may set you back even more.

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Do you also find it painful to sit for extended periods of time?

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