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Do you have symmetrical joint pain?

Hello everyone! Great that I found your forum! My 15 year old daughter just got diagnosed one week ago for psoriatic arthritis. She has been suffering multiple joint pain almost three years, mostly symmetrical. All the time without inflammation (mri etc. done). But now doctor found inflammation from her elbow. Surprisingly it’s not hurting at all.
Does anyone of you ever suffer just joint pain without inflammation? My daughter hasn’t been able to go to school last four weeks. So it’t hard for the whole family. She will start metotrexate and some other medication at next week so I hope that she will get some relief. I’m so grateful that I found this forum because we live in Finland and it’s not so easy to find peer support and answers to my questions.

Community Answers
  • Cindie
    2 years ago

    I do, my inflammation is under control to a certain extent but the damage to the joints is what causes the pain in me.

  • Astrid
    2 years ago

    Hmm I thought the inflammation was what caused the joint pain? I’m assuming she’s been tested for everything just to rule out (like lupus, vitamin D and B deficiencies)?

    Or do you mean skin inflammation (psoriasis)?

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