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Everything I’ve read about ligaments and tendons being affected talk about plantar fasciitis and back pain. Where else can it affect?

My PsA mainly affects my ankles. My left one especially, which is constantly swollen. The thing is, the joint really doesn’t hurt much but the area on my foot right below the ankle and on the top left side hurts like hell nearly all the time. It’s swollen there too and feels like an apple-sized muscle spasm. Finding shoes that fit and are comfortable is an issue and many days the pain is so bad that I cannot walk.

Any suggestions? Know what this is?

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Community Answers
  • Alisha0818
    3 months ago

    Enthesitis is a huge problem for me too, especially my ankle. I’ve found compression socks and a technique called gua sha that helps.

  • jojobug
    4 months ago

    Not sure about others but when I am having a flare it feels like my tendons are kind of pulling apart from my joints pretty much everywhere. I also get really heavy feeling and muscle burning and brain fog Etc

  • Kitty author
    4 months ago

    Goodness! So sorry! Mine is mainly the tendons & ligaments attached to my left ankle. At times I could not walk. I recently went on Stelara and now have had 2 injections. I’m almost afraid to say this but within a week after my second injection, the pain was completely gone! My ankle (joint) is still slightly swollen but without any pain. I hope you find some relief & thanks for responding!

  • jktddychs22
    5 months ago

    Kitty: A correction about calcification: Ligaments are what attach your bones to one another. The place where a tendon or ligament meets your bone is called an enthesis Inflammation of the entheses can cause new bone tissue to form. That new bone tissue gets in the way of normal movement and function — like a bone spur on your heel.
    It can happen in other joints like the elbows, I’m not sure if this what I have on my elbow but it has been a symptom since before I was diagnosed with PsA. If the pain in your heel is too much to take I would definitely ask a Podiatrist

  • jktddychs22
    5 months ago

    Kitty: I do have similar problem with my feet, the longer I stay on my feet the worse the pain gets, when I’m outside the house and I have to go grocery shopping I can’t be out for too long or I’ll pay the price, my ankles start to hurt trying to compensate for the pain on my feet but one thing I found is this cheap beach air sandals that I use when I take a shower, being bare foot at any time is ill advice ( it has air pockets at the heel) maybe if you can find sneakers that has similar design may help.
    Also you may want to get a consult with a Podiatrist, sometimes the nerve that connects to the bone calcifies and makes the pain feel worse or so I’ve heard.
    I’m sorry you’re going through this and I know how debilitating this can be I wish you best of luck.

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