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How long does it take for deformity and disability to occur with PsA?

Hi there,

I have pain in my spine, two toes, my right-hand wrist, and my left-hand finger. My blood test shows positive for CRP and ESR and I am waiting for an MRI result.

Likelihood of deformity and disability

I am sure that I have spinal psa. I’ve had psoriasis for 15 years and I am 21 now. I want to know how many years I can live like normal people without any deformation and disability?

I know its imposible that living 40 – 50 more years without any problem 🙂 but I read on the internet that more than 90 percent of people get experience deformity after 10 years of living with PsA and the other 10 percent probabely 5 years more?

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Community Answers
  • Kerry
    4 weeks ago

    I am 48 years old and I wish I could show you a picture of my hands. I see it in my hands the most, my fingers are deformed somewhat. I do not really think there is a way to stop it only slow it down.

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