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Does anyone have eye issues with PsA?

Well, recently I started having some issues with my eyes. My eyes burn and they feel blurry and so red. They are not itchy like allergies. I did make an appointment with my eye Dr as it is really getting irritating. I cannot wear any kind of makeup on my eyes (mascara) it will burn like crazy if I do. I have tried over the counter eye drops to keep my eyes moist but it does not help for long.
Any thoughts on this?
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  1. We can get a condition called uveitis with PsA. I haven't had it yet, but I do have othwr eye problems. I have secondary Sjogren's Syndrome and have very dry eyes with redness, blurriness, and feeling like there is sand in my eyes all the time. My eyes are also very sensitive to bright lights. I have been using a prescription eye drop called Xiidra for over a year now and it has really helped. Please see an opthamalogist soon and have the dye tests done to check for dry eye. The eye drops are an easy treatment for this.

    1. I have PsA. I have had the unfortunate experience of uveitis. I learned it is called an emergency because can cause blindness quickly. It was my second time. Both eyes affected. Almost 4 months and inflammation subsiding. Also I was told to be followed by a certified MD in uveitis . It can be complicated. It is a different feeling than our usual dry eyes. It can be very painful and I did have photophobia badly. My vision went in the toilet in a short time. Fortunately for me , I said off handed, i think uveitis is back. Walked across street to er and was seen very quickly . One biologic is what has the best results .

    2. I’m sorry he didn’t treat your eyes properly. I have dry eye, and I had it so long (undiagnosed) that my corneas formed nodules in them(Salzman’s nodules). If these form over the pupil, they can affect your vision. I was always told I had allergies that made my eyes very bloodshot, and itchy. Finally got diagnosed by a new optometrist who put me on Xiidra twice a day, with over the counter drops in between as needed. Since then my insurance no longer pays for Xiidra, so I switched to Restasis, and it does the same job. Also, use a good eye drop like Systane before bed, it helps keep the eyes moist over the long 6-8 hour sleep period. The prescription eye drops handle the inflammation in the eyeball that is causing the dry eye.

  2. I’ve been having some similar problems—eyes get so bloodshot people ask me if I have pinkeye (but I don’t get all that discharge), vision gets a little blurry and it always feels like gritty and dry. I looked up uveitis and the symptoms seem to match. Let me know how your eye doctor appointment goes, maybe I need to add another doc besides my rheumatologist to my care team.

    1. My eye Dr. said that I have dry eye. I am using eye drops so we will see!

    2. Hello, I Have had the same problem with my eyes. I was told it is dry eye and given a script for eye drops, which seem to do the trick.

  3. I have had to have cornea transplant, I’ve had the right eye done but back in this summer for the right eye, I have Fuchs dystrophy it’s pronounced FOOKS, I HAVE PSA as well, it seems a long long journey,

    1. I have never heard of this. I will have to read up on it.

    2. I had my corneas shaved about 12 years ago which helped my vision but now I get scleritis if I miss a dose of Humira. Good luck with cornea operation. Mine was the most painful thing I've ever felt.

  4. Yeh I get this too. How common is it? Eyes get sore and watery when I flare and vision goes to pots!! Have had eyes checked by optometrist but get different results each time as vision changes. Do anti-inflammatory meds work for you?

    1. Hi . It is more common than you think. I have very dry eyes. My doctor said it is caused by my PsA putting pressure on the back of my eyes. He is currently trying to treat it with over the counter drops but if it continues without relief then we will have to go to something stronger. Vickie W., Community Moderator

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