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How many treatments have you used for PsA?

Finding a medication that works for your psoriatic arthritis can often be trial and error. And sometimes, what did work in the past may no longer be effective. Other external factors, such as insurance, may also require people to switch treatments.

I'm interested to hear from you – how many medications have you used to manage your PsA? How long were you on each treatment?

  1. Hi. I have been on so many different treatments! The biggest reason is that I seem to have a major surgery every 2 to 4 years. When I have to go off a biologic for 4-6 weeks before surgery and another 4-6 weeks after surgery, the medication I had been taking, doesn’t work anymore. I understand that this is a pretty common occurrence.
    I have been on Enbrel (4 years), Humira (3 years) , Otezla (3 years), Tremfya (1 year) and am currently on Skyrizi for almost a year. I take methotrexate with

    1. , thank you so much for sharing here. You have been through quite a few treatments (and surgeries)! It must be frustrating and tiring to have to look for a new biologic every few years, especially after going through surgery and everything that entails. Do you mind sharing how your PsA responds when you have to stop the biologics in order to prepare for/recover from surgery? I take methotrexate by itself, but I know that we have a number of community members who take this alongside their biologic treatment. Hoping the Skyrizi is working well for you and that it continues to do so for a long time to come! Warmest wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  2. Hi! After being off the biologics for several weeks, I always flare up in my joints (usually my wrists, fingers, knees and ankles/feet); but I stay consistent using methotrexate every week. That seems to keep the flares from being too bad. I can handle the pain from the flare ups. After surgery I don’t seem to notice the flare up pain because the recovery from back fusions, shoulder or knee replacement is very painful as well as the PT.
    It takes awhile, a couple of months, for another biologic to take affect.
    The one biologic that worked the best for me was Enbrel and the Otezla comes in second.
    I feel the Skyrizi is finally kicking in after the 2 starter doses and now on the second shot which I take every 8 weeks along with methotrexate.
    I hope this information might help someone or relate to someone’s situation too.
    Thank you again for the sincere correspondence!
    Warmest regards to you as well. I hope you are doing well ♥️

    1. , oh I'm glad you can stay on the methotrexate and that it has some impact on the flares. I wish it helped more during these difficult weeks though! I can completely appreciate that the pain after surgery would hold more of your attention than the PsA pain. I'm sure the recovery process and the pain that comes with it is very intense. It's good to read that the Skyrizi is finally kicking in for you. Being in limbo, waiting to see if the systemic medications are going to make a difference can be very challenging. Hoping you continue to see improvements with Skyrizi as time goes on. Keep us posted if you can! And thank you so much for taking the time to share - I have no doubt that your experiences will help others going through the same thing. Hugs! -Catherine, Community Moderator

  3. Catherine,
    Thank you for your continued support and hugs; back at ya! ♥️
    I take away so much in awareness and information as well as support, it’s the least I could do is share some of my experiences to try and give back to this community!
    Thank you to everyone who shares and cares.

    1. So many I can't remember

      1. you're definitely not alone! Are you currently on a treatment that's bringing some relief? -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

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