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What causes a PsA flare for you?

A lot of different things can trigger a psoriatic arthritis flare. What causes a PsA flare for you?

  1. Sometimes it seems like anything and everything triggers a flare for me! I only
    Just received my diagnosis this past March, so I’m in the learning curve… but, overuse and not resting seems to be the biggest trigger.

    1. thank you so much for your reply...... I am thinking that way...reducing all sources of stress ...days before the booster...and I also will tell at last 2 friends that I am getting it .....asking them to call me and check in afterwards.

    2. Had my second booster last week. Had a lot of pain and stomach issues. But. Better than COVID! My doc insisted I get it and said that my side effects were because it was working.

  2. Over doing exercise

    1. The thought that my body knows it’s a holiday weekend this weekend and the Sun 🌞 is gonna be shining

      1. I hope your body remains ignorant until you have already had the chance to get out there and enjoy it, ! Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    2. I actually had a inflammatory blood workup done. It gave me a full list of foods that trigger inflammation in my body. And it turned out to be pretty much correct! Insurance wouldn’t pay for and it was pretty pricey but it was very helpful. Wheat, celery and a whole gamut of other things are on my list. The dietitian told me my outcome was pretty extensive. Those two things are the very worst for me. If I should eat a whole bagel, the next day the inflammation is so bad that I can hardly stand or walk. And the neuropathy from it is insane! It’s crazy, because when I am feeling good, I might forget and eat something bad. And it’s like I’m back at square one the next day.

      1. How awesome, . It sounds like the bloodwork was a worthy investment. Thanks for chiming in! Best wishes. - Lori (Team Member)

      2. That sounds intriguing. Is it similar to an allergy/sensitivity test? If each of us knew what to avoid, we could, theoretically, make better choices. I'm sure I'll always choose cheese cake anyway. Lol. It makes me wonder about fabrics, household cleansers, etc. There are so many substances in our environments that might contribute to the inflammation. Marcyd

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