Interviewing My Husband Concerning My Psoriatic Arthritis

It was recommended to me that I should interview my husband concerning my psoriatic arthritis and him being a caregiver. I found that intriguing. My husband and I have been together going on 14 years. Given that fact I thought I knew how he felt about my psoriatic arthritis. Apparently, I was wrong. I must admit that some of his answers really surprised me. I wouldn’t say it surprised me in a bad way. It was well thought out answers that apparently he had been feeling for some time.

He had no clue what I was going to ask in advance. I wanted his truthful answers to the questions even if it meant I didn’t like the answers. He was told as much. Here are the questions I asked and the answers William provided:

How does my husband feel about my psoriatic arthritis?

Do you fully understand what psoriatic arthritis is? I really don’t fully understand it, but I roll with the flow to help my wife.

How does it make you feel seeing your wife in pain? It hurts me too seeing her like that, but I know I have to do more to help around the house on days like that.

Do you worry about how bad it will get? Yes, I worry. I worry one day she may be crippled from it.

What do you hope the future looks like for her and as it pertains to you as a couple? First off, we will always be a couple. Secondly, whatever the future brings we just deal with it head on together.

As a caregiver what advice would you give to another caregiver? Do what you can to help when she needs you. However, also do other things you enjoy so that you don’t feel so bogged down with it all. If you enjoy working out in the yard, then go do that. However, remember to go in from time to time and check on her.

Any other thoughts? I would suggest you learn everything you can about psoriatic arthritis just as I intend to do. Don’t judge anyone who lives with psoriatic arthritis because other than the pain look on their face you cannot tell what is going on in their body. I can tell you that the people I have met that have psoriatic arthritis have some of the best hearts.

How do I view my husband's support?

As the one who suffers from psoriatic arthritis, I can say there are days I do okay but then there are days my body hurts so bad I can’t function. I am lucky in that I have a partner that can look at my face and know I am having a really bad day. It is on those occasions that he really steps up and looks out for me without my asking. It is not lost on me that many others don’t have that kind of support.

My hope is that other caregivers will read this and find some relevance in what my husband said. If they do, would you please comment below so I can let him know as well. If you have a comment about this article, I would love to hear them as well. Just comment below.

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