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Pain Relief is Not a Luxury, It's a Necessity

Last updated: October 2023

Pain relief is not a luxury; it is a necessity. As a person living with psoriatic arthritis (PsA), I have had to deal with severe pain, discomfort, and sleepless nights. Without pain relief, I couldn't sleep. The pain made concentrating on what others said during conversations difficult, and my quality of life was seriously affected. Over the years, pain relief has become a vital tool for me. It gives my body a break and makes my life with PsA bearable. Any attempt to deny it to me would be inhumane. That said, here is how pain relief became a crucial aspect of my life with PsA.

How does pain relief make me feel less overwhelmed?

Sometimes, the pain can be so overwhelming that even mundane tasks seem impossible. Sometimes, simple activities such as stretching, walking, and sitting down can become extremely challenging. It is on such days that I need pain relief the most. Pain relief helps me calm down and take control of my life. With pain relief, I can sleep better, which is essential for my mental and physical well-being. Without adequate pain relief, my body and mind must focus on fighting pain rather than performing basic functions.

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How can it help with my memory and concentration?

One of the most challenging aspects of PsA is that it affects my concentration and memory. Another benefit of pain relief is that it helps me to listen to others. When I need pain relief, I can't tune out distractions and focus on the conversation at hand. Instead, what would be considered minor distractions by others turn into focal points for me. But when my pain is managed, I become a better listener and can communicate more effectively with others.

What if I just need a break?

The problem with quotes like "Just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo is that one can only swim for so long before their body needs a break. There are times I'm so consumed by my pain that I forget to give my body a break. Pain relief helps me to take a step back and rest. It allows my body to recuperate and heal. It reminds me that I must listen to my body, take breaks when necessary, and avoid overexertion.

How does it improve my quality of life?

Lastly, without pain relief, my life with psoriatic arthritis would be unbearable. Some days, the simple act of getting out of bed can be an excruciating task. Pain relief gives me the motivation to live life to the fullest. By managing my pain, I can enjoy life. I can go to Disneyland, spend time with my loved ones, and travel to new places. Pain relief has made all of this possible.

What are some pain relief options for psoriatic arthritis?

Living with PsA is a daily struggle, and pain relief is necessary for everyone, not just me. It's not just about taking medication; it's a holistic approach, including therapy, healthy eating, and exercise. What works for me may not help you, just as what helps you most may not work for me. There is no magic pill or treatment. It takes a combination of medicines, natural remedies, treatments, and lifestyle changes to create your best pain management system. I encourage anyone with psoriatic arthritis to explore various pain relief options. You never know what will work for you. I may never be pain-free, but I am thankful for the tools that make it possible to reduce it.

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