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What are some lingering questions you have?

All questions are safe here. What would you like to know about psoriatic arthritis? Post your question here and our health leaders and community members will answer the best they can!

  1. Dear Vickie W, Your honesty has brought me to tears. Talking about my pain seems old because its my family who hears it daily. I keep quiet but I need to say it when I hurt. I pray for you and your future. Please know we are here for you! Just ask!

    1. Hi thank you so much for your response. I appreciate all the prayers I can get. I love this community. Everyone is so supportive and believe me when I say I appreciate your support as well. Vickie W., Team Member

      1. Can you acheive long term remission of PsA and fibromyalgia, so you can live without rheumatoid meds?

        1. that is a great question. I wish I had a great answer for you. Once damage from PsA has started it cannot be reversed so the chances are you might need the meds. However, I am not a doctor and you should discuss this with your doctor. Vickie W., Team Member

      2. Can you have PsA without having the blood work markers but have many symptoms?

        1. , that's a really great question! The short answer is yes - you can absolutely have PsA with "normal" blood work - around 50% of people with PsA will not have elevated inflammatory markers in their blood. Is this something you're going through at the moment? I thought you might be interested to read the following forum discussion on the topic: Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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