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How am I supposed to exercise???

I have tried so many kinds of exercise for my PsA, and they all seem to lead to more pain! The only thing that didn't was doing water aerobics, but I'm done driving to the pool every day. How do you exercise? What are some of your tips?

  1. Hi @another-sass, thanks for starting this discussion. We have several advocates who have written articles about what exercise helps them, however, I am hoping you hear back from our community members with their personal experiences. In the meantime, if you are looking for information, type exercise in our search key and see what our advocates have to say. Thanks for being here. Jill, Team Member

    1. I walk, bike, swim, do some weights, kayak and paddle board a little. I stretch a lot, rest a lot, and eat well and hydrate. I exercise most days but I've built up to it. Movement definitely helps, it's not a magic cure but I want to be mobile for years to come so I keep at it - there is also some studies that say it helps prevent/reduce damage. It has to be in the morning for me - I'm pretty useless in the evening - it's just part of my day. Start walking with podcasts in your ear.

      1. That sounds like a wonderful routine, . I am glad you are so committed. It's an investment in your future, for sure. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    2. Hi . Have you ever asked your doctor for a referral to physical therapy so you can get some help figuring out which exercises are safest for you? Your doctor would need to be careful with the coding so insurance covers it, but one or two sessions might be enough to help you find some more targeted exercises that are beneficial to you as an individual. PsA is so different for everyone that it's hard to recommend any one specific exercise program that is good for all. I hope you get some good ideas from other members that you can draw from though. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

      1. I have the same trouble, often even what I consider to be very light exercise can cause me days of pain. One of the worst areas for me is my neck and it's extremely sensitive to any change in my routine so I have learned over time what I can do with low risk of causing an issue. My routine revolves around mainly gentle range of motion exercises, walking my dog, riding a stationary bike I have at home and using some exercise bands and modified body weight exercises for light resistance. I work from home (even before COVID) and get up often to walk around the house and stretch so I don't spend long periods sitting still. Another trick I learned over time is that if I have one or even multiple joints that are painful that moving the other joints in my body, even just a little, encourages blood flow and can reduce pain in the affected area even if you aren't directly moving that joint. PsA is so individual and as another reply mentioned a professional such as a physical therapist could offer some valuable advice for staying safe while exercising. I find movement does help reduce my overall pain some when I am consistent about it and it helps bring fluid into the joint spaces so every little bit really does count in the long run. Best of luck and hang in there!

        1. @heathrow thank you for sharing what tricks are working for you. Like you I work from home even before CoVid. I also get up and walk about so that I don't get stiff just sitting at my computer. You are so right in saying that PsA is so individual. We all have pain but it can be in different areas. Vickie W., Team Member

        2. This was super helpful to hear, thank you!!

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