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How can I find work? How to work out?

Hi, new here... took some time to figure out how and why I have PSA. Having a really hard time dealing with it. I keep saying to myself that once the right medication for me would be find (Bio's at the moment), everything will be OK. But I realize that's not the case. The pain is there and always will be.

Exercising with psoriatic arthritis

The first issue that concerns me is that I just can't seem to strengthen my joints and muscles. I work out two times a week with a trainer, but once I start, flare-ups find their way back. Then I stop with working out, and when I feel better, I go back. Until the next flare-up. I don't know where to start from, what to do in-between the two work-outs and just get stronger and healthier! It's a vicious circle that really takes me down to depression.

Looking for a job

In addition, I am looking for a job, but I have flare-ups so often, that I don't know how I will be able to hold a job and go to the office every day. I work from home for the past 10 years and I was so looking forward to getting out of the house, now that my daughter is old enough. But, there are often days that I can't even drive!! HOW do I do this change?
I let some of my frustrations out here.. hope someone will recognize themselves in my story and share their ways of insights. I read so much about this disease, that I think I am getting lost in all the info... Thank you so much!

  1. Hi . A new diagnosis can be so overwhelming and fact that PsA presents itself differently for everyone can make it all even more confusing. My heart goes out to you. It could be that this particular biologic isn't effective enough for you, at least not yet. It can take up to four months for PsA medications to become fully effective. If you are not feeling significantly better by then, you might have to try something new. Hopefully, on the right medication, you won't have so many flares and you will be able to exercise and work more regularly. Some people also find it helpful to keep journals so they can figure out what triggers their flares. Anti-inflammatory diets can help reduce symptoms and flares as well. Hopefully, you will get more input from the community about ways to navigate this stage of your PsA. In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in this article from one of our advocates: Wishing you the very best! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. In terms of exercise I have been advised that swimming, pilates and resistance bands are the low impact go to. Also under do the exercise rather than over do it.

      In terms of work or jobs why not just do part time. You could register with and agency and you let them know when you can work and when you cant. Works for a lot of people.

      1. Or you can try the jobs that work from home. I understand being overwhelmed, I've been suffering for several years, it does not get easier, in my opinion. @

        1. Hi, maybe you can try some strengthening exercises from your bed, couch or chair. I do that when I can't stand long from all my joint pain. Those bands sound like a great idea too! Can you get some physical therapy?

          I lost my job during the worst of covid, but my job was getting too hard for me because I was on my feet alot, going up and down stairs I'm glad it's done. I've since been caretaker to my elderly mother. My knees are worse now but I have to return to work soon. I realized I can really only do a desk job with little movement. I hope I can find that! It's kind of scary and definitely depressing when we can't rely on our bodies anymore. Others don't always get it! I like the agency idea too. Good luck and sorry for your difficulties!

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