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Has anyone gone the diet route to manage symptoms instead of medication?

Has anyone gone the diet route to manage symptoms instead of medication? I was just diagnosed yesterday and am very anti-meds. I would really like to change my diet and hope that works before even considering medication. I am already vegan, so now I am considering also gluten-free.

Thanks in advance!

I’m really happy to have found this group.

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  1. Hi , while I am hoping our community will chime in with their experiences, I am sending over an article from one of our advocates with her gluten free diet journey:

    I am also sending over two forum discussions about vegan and gluten free diets:

    I hope this helps.
    Jill, Team Member

    1. Hi kellfoster

      Thanks for posting your experiences. How are you getting on?

      I have personally found the 5:2 diet manageable for me in that I can focus on eating mostly Mediterranean style, some pasta, wholegrains, high veg and fresh salads, low fruit, low red meat, some white meat, healthily for 5 days and calorie restricted to 500 cal healthy for the other 2 days.
      I don't have to think too much about 'dieting' and I find it pretty easy to fast now I'm in the mindset, although it does take a couple of weeks to adjust to. Its also helping me curb my alcohol craving (I'm trying to cut down my consumption since increasing after my mom got ill and then passed away)
      Inflammation is lessened as are aches and pains which I can also contribute to a bit of weight loss too. Definitely an ongoing journey but i think diet totally has an impact on symptoms.

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