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The Reality of PsA Comorbidities

One part of managing life with PsA that goes unnoticed is managing the linked health conditions that come with this painful condition.
These linked conditions are known as comorbidities. That's right, living with PsA, can potentially put you at risk for additional different chronic conditions, either at the same time or at different times.
Comorbidities can also affect treatment options. Certain types of medicines can also make comorbidities worse, and some comorbidities can affect the way that PsA treatments work.
Do you live with any PsA comorbidities? How has it impacted your pain management and treatment journey? How about your overall quality of life?
It can be so hard to get people to understand!

  1. Over the last five years I have gained so much weight because I am not active anymore. Just walking from my job to the bus stop at night is a real challenge. My legs are like lead, shooting pains up my legs to my pelvis/hip area, and the bones in my feet are screaming. I have to walk so much slower now it's embarrassing. I refuse to walk with someone else because I can't keep up. I am only sixty and feel like 90.

    1. Hi @sharona361, I can hear how difficult this must be for you. I wish you were not in so much pain. I really hope you have a doctor who is trying to help you manage your pain. I am sending you an article from one of our advocates who shares a similar story, I hope this can help you: Sending you a gentle hug. Jill, Team Member

  2. Hi Sharona361, When I had excruciating pain in my achilles with PsA I had some ultrasound treatments that my GP arranged for me to have at the local hospital. It really helped with softening the pain after each treatment and after the 6 treatments I had, I really noticed the difference. Also every night while I’m watching TV I have my legs and feet elevated on a big comfy footstool. I got in the habit of rotating my ankles and feet every night just a couple of minutes but repeated every now and then whilst enjoying the TV shows. Now I don’t even notice that I’m even doing the exercises, it’s just automatic. I do it with my fingers as well. It’s all very slowly done but it gently stretches the ligaments that allows easier movement when you need to be using your hands and feet. Thinking of you and sending you my best wishes and a gentle hug 🤗, Bez

    1. I have enthesitis that effects my lower body and I can’t walk because within a mile into my walk my legs lock up and the pain is off the charts I sit and stretch and take breaks and it alleviates it for a few minutes and comes right back but worse… Im terrified that I could be stuck in the woods unable to move (walking sticks) help but doesn’t take away the crushing pains and same issue when I use exercise machines … on Cosentyx and Otezla both help a bunch except with this horrible locking issue.

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