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Mild PsA

  • By Carrie R

    Interested in hearing from those with Mild PsA.
    What medicines do you take?how do you feel most days? Do you have fatigue?

  • By Sean

    I had what I guess you would call mild PsA for many years. So mild, in fact, that I probably went a decade or more without even realizing that I had it.

    It was only when my anklosing spondylitis started causing me problems in my chest that I sought treatment. Even now I’m pretty sure I have a milder form of PsA because when I went on Humira (last December) I got results immediately. Like next day immediately.

    I have my “why me” days like everyone else but given some of the other stories I’ve read, I consider myself one of the lucky ones in that my pain is virtually gone now and I don’t have to be on a combination of drugs. Just the one.

  • By CathyD Moderator

    I think I would consider my PsA to be mild currently, although my rheumatologist didn’t tell me what he would classify my PsA as.

    I do have active inflammation in a number of joints, which was evident in a scan I had last year, so my rheumatologist has put me on a trial of methotrexate. I was very hesitant about this because I don’t feel that I am at a stage where I need intervention yet. However, my doctor says it’s best to get ahead of the disease as opposed to trying to catch up with it. I do have passing pains in these joints; so one day my elbow might be hurting, but it will usually have calmed down within the next day or so. Inflammation in my tendons seems to be a bit more resilient and can last for longer.

    I am very tired and achy every day, although not as tired as I was some years ago. I do have a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome though, and have been living with the constant pain and fatigue of that for ten years now. So it’s a little difficult for me to know what is PsA and what is CFS, particularly when it comes to fatigue! This probably also has some impact on how I interpret the severity of my PsA symptoms.

    Is this something that you’re dealing with too, Carrie? Are you using any treatment at the moment?

    – Catherine, Community Moderator

  • By Appleblossom

    I consider myself to have mild PsA. When I was first diagnosed I had it in all of my fingers. The x ray showed that I already had damage to the joints nearest my finger tips. I was surprised to be prescribed Methotrexate and was a little wary. The consultant said that it was gold standard and as Cathys doctor said it’s best to get ahead of the disease.
    I am on a low dose and initially it seemed to be working well with few side effects. However I now have pain and stiffness in my knees especially my right knee and sometimes in my shoulder and hip. I recently had a flare with my CPR being raised and pain and stiffness in all the above joints..I also felt extreme tiredness. I am feeling much better now though. I feel that mine is mild in comparison to many others on this forum.