PsA, RA, and protein drinks

My story matches all those I have just read but I add that I am 67 yrs old and have been living with this disease since diagnosed at 21 yrs old. The RA came first but then I had very painful heel pain...progressed to a "sausage digit" in my right index finger. And so I started the medication go around. Prednisone and aspirin were the first. Shots, rx, ice packs, etc. Nothing seemed to stop the progression but I guess my plans for life did not include disease. I finished college, married (48 yrs) and then 2 children in 20 months figuring that if I got "sicker" later on well, at least I got my kids so...go forth.
My two boys grew up with a mom who always needed help. Learning to tie shoes helped me get my shoes on every day. Buttoning my jeans, hooking my bra (yes, until they got to an age that I didn't want to help. Then my husband who left for work at 5am woke, hooked me up, then I tried to sleep for another hour. I started swimming laps in the public pool that opened at 5:30am. Swim for 1/2 hr and home and showered by the time the boys awoke.
It is always a battle of adjustments. That index finger never recovered and had to amputate it. Dismal. Exercise allows me some flexibility. I worked for 24 yrs for an orthopedic surgeon. Ha! Talk about convenient!
When my sons complained that we had eaten chicken every night for dinner and when could we have meatloaf, we talked at supper that night and made a quick menu for next week. We shopped together, they gathered while I held on to the store buggy. They had a new chore to plan supper one night a week. That meant remembering to take frozen food out of the freezer to thaw. I learned to use a pressure cooker (a terrifying skill but a well used one) the day of microwaves had not yet arrived. The family pulled together.
It is work every single day. Being able to adjust to new pains, debilitating pain, fatigue and some days are better than others. Some months are better than others. Pity party time happens regularly...just get going. Use every treatment option I see on sights like these. Relax, exercise, eat better some days (:-() pray if that helps you. Meditate. Aroma therapy. You never know if it works or helps unless you try it. Do what you need to do. Above gentle with yourself. This disease will try to win. Fight when you can.
Be gentle with yourself.

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