PsA and Keto

Hey y'all!

My diagnosis and treatment journey

I was diagnosed with PsA and Fibro 4 years ago. Tried several meds including humira, methotrexate, now trying otezla..none of them really worked well.

Two years ago, I slipped on ice in the driveway and severely injured my knee. I broke my kneecap into 3 pieces and tore tendons and ligaments. After surgery and being bed bound for 6 months, I put on about 60 lbs.

Keto and my psoriatic arthritis pain

I tried Keto diet and was very excited to lose the weight with no exercise. It actually can help with inflammation too. I get a few weeks relief but my very persistent aches, pain, and stiffness come back. One thing I've learned with fibro and PsA is that it finds any injury and just sets up house there.

I'm 3 weeks out from my 2nd knee surgery and I have a feeling it'll always give me a fit! My mom has RA and refuses meds. When I'm not taking any biologics, I've tried just aleve. It's kinda sad when your "normal" is just pain every day. I'll be able to start the long road of physical therapy in a couple more weeks so we'll see how that turns out. Not sure the otezla is helping a whole lot. Following up with the rheumy next week!

If any of y'all want to lose weight I do recommend trying keto! Good luck y'all!

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