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Losing Weight

This is a sensitive subject, but something that needs to be addressed in my opinion. Losing weight is a struggle of our modern lifestyles in general. We live fast-paced lives, we work a lot and we are often found eating food that is less than ideal for our health. Sometimes I think we move less than what we should and we end up gaining weight and putting our health at risk. For some time now I have been battling on a personal level with this. Last year my father passed away and it was hard, it was also the summit of a few years of struggle with my emotions and mental health. Being so distracted with everything, I truly just let myself go.

Reality check with my weight

This is hard for me to say out loud or even type on these pages. I really and truly let myself go. It was not a choice that I made and it was not a calculated move. Day by day things changed and I just allowed it to happen as I chose to focus on other things. The result of that is realizing that I have gained too much weight and my body is struggling to cope. My body already has to work so hard to battle on all fronts, with my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. How is it fair of me to expect to cope with the extra weight? I just simply cannot function properly. Last year my dad passed away from a heart attack, which has nothing to do with any weight issues as he had none. Sitting quietly on his farm in the days after his passing I had a moment of pure clarity. I needed to start getting my health in order.

The plan to get to a healthier weight

So here we are, 9 months later, and I am finally making time for the self-care that I require. I finally went back to the gym, which in itself is no small achievement. Finally facing my fears of going back I started with a personal trainer. What a big step this was, I could feel some new eyes on my skin and I was starting to feel really self-conscious. Determined not to give up this time though, I have chosen a different approach. I spoke to my personal trainer and without being dramatic I explained my health to him which was also a small insight into my head. Helping him understand that I was sensitive about the issue has made a big difference. He is also tailoring my workout plan to suit my body and my needs.

My journey with weight loss and PsA

Eating healthier and working out is hopefully going to be paving the path to a healthier and happier me. I would like to give my body the resources that it needs in this battle and to make life easier for my heart. There is no need for it to work so hard to pump the blood to make my organs function better. Being a mom to a little girl and wanting to be able to live a strong and healthy life with her is one of the greatest motivators.

Starting slow and taking it one day at a time is helping me cope with the changes. Walk a little further every day, chose better foods at each meal. Make your goals small and achievable, each one conquered is a step in the right direction. Tailor your program to your abilities and do not be in a rush.

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