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Crazy in the Head!

For years I have been making excuses for strange sensations, random excruciating pain from any body part, faux broken ankles, wrists swollen eyes and a lingering back ache that I blamed on an old injury. I’m sleep deprived and continue to push my self out of bed and into a suit onto a plane and off to generate income for basic human needs. My hands began to itch and scale on the sides like a six year old that spent too much time with a pencil without ever washing up. Everything came to a screeching halt when I woke up one morning and couldn’t get up. Thought I broke a finger in my sleep, arms numb again, but I couldn’t move without screaming. My back felt like I was cut in two.

What now has become clear is I’m not crazy in the head! The phenomenon of complaining about a new pain or symptom every day to my husband also stopped immediately. I can’t go to work.

After seeing a series of doctor within the last year, knowing the only time I went was in an urgent care setting that became more of a pattern than an exception. Finally led me to a Rheumatologist (that I had begged for a referral). It was very apparent I had something wrong and it was systemic but everyone dismissed me further because I didn’t test for RA. Now I was just viewed an older lady whinny about menopausal issues. The weight gain, sweats, fatigue, depressing aches and pains everywhere and insomnia because of empty nesting stress. What? Male doctors tried to feed me meds to suppress my brain power and appease me with other RX which I never took.

30 seconds after being treated by my Rhemi she looked at my nails and saw pitting (always had them polished). She took one look at cervical MRI and circles something saying “this is not wear and tear.” So nearly ten years later I have gone from a secret sufferer bulldozing through my life. care taking for hubby and still head of household to compliant patient now dealing with self injections and methotrexate alone. Not sure if I even feel better but at least I know what’s wrong. Psoriatic Arthritis. It’s unpredictable and not forgiving. At least I know I am on the right path yet the meds are freaking me out just the idea of it all.

So back to why I jumped in here. No one gets it! Not sure how to get friend or family attention to support even after trying to explain. I’m wrapping my head around the disease and my uncertain future but they are in denial and think I’m making it up or basically indestructible because I keep pushing on.

I walk everyday. Try to stay focused on how to keep up the pretenses to pay the bills. Oy! Thoughts to all. May you have a peaceful and joyous pain free holiday season. xxx

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  • CathyD moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi rachel,

    Thank you so much for sharing with us. I am sorry that those around you don’t seem to understand the magnitude of PsA and how it affects us.

    In my personal experience I have also found it quite difficult to get others to understand; even some medical professionals, as you say, don’t appear to really “get it” or be informed at times. I am sorry you struggled undiagnosed for so many years. I hope now that you have your diagnosis and a treatment regime that you are able to get some relief.

    Something that may help is to show family/friends articles from our site, or stories from other sufferers. Something that (strangely) seems to help people understand is for them to realise that lots of other people are also suffering with this thing. I hope you will find this community a support, and will lean on us when you need to – we are here for you and we do understand how draining and painful PsA can be, even if others don’t sometimes.

    Sending you a big hug, and I hope you are having a lovely holiday time!

    – CathyD

  • rachel author
    2 years ago


    How kind to respond and extend support. I’ll try to reach out more I see the value of this site, very much appreciated.

    Happy and health 2017.


  • CathyD moderator
    2 years ago

    Wishing the same for you Rachel! 🙂

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