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Can you be too sick for injections?

The doctor tells me that at this moment I can only “manage the pain.” Because we have tried the first-line treatments (methotrexate and sulfasalazine) and I did not adapt well. “It’s better, for now, not to go for injections” is the situation I’ve been in for almost a year. I have been following the Pain Unit. I take Pregabalin and Tramadol.

My question is: If I am sick to take Methotrexate or Sulfasalazine, why am I not (sufficiently) ill for other therapies?

Community Answers
  • GCM
    1 year ago

    Next step is biologics to prevent permanent damage to your joints. MTX injections did not work for me; I tried Remicade (reacted poorly) then was on Humira for 5 years…it worked very well (until it worked TOO well, and I had to stop.). I am now on the loading doses of Cosentyx, hoping it will eventually resolve my current flare and work well for a number of years to control my PsA.

  • susana author
    1 year ago

    The right question is
    CAN YOU BE NOT TOO SICK FOR INJECTIONS (biologic therapies)?

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