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Does anyone have flares come on out of the blue, part way through the day?

I’m used to my flares being relatively gradual, but today, around lunchtime back pain went from 0-7 and stayed there. Fatigue is high, too. Caught me off guard! I was only diagnosed 8 months ago, so still trying to figure it all out… Thanks! Allison

Community Answers
  • bumster Hi I'm new 12/2018
    10 months ago

    Hi there o yes my flares come on with a drop of a dime people see me limping a little then a minute later I can’t walk and have to sit they often say o come on what happen that’s when I get angry, I tried vacuming my car and when done could not walk at all PSA can’t love it, wish you all well

  • melissagallo
    10 months ago

    AllisonJane, There have been times that I feel fairly good and then get hit with fatigue so bad, I havd had to go to bed! Some of those times have ended up being more than just needing to rest for a few hours. I have lost DAYS due to this.

    I have also had days that are ok and I’m not particularly active (or I am) and I will start to experience pain and spasms my back or cramps in leg/arm muscles. Does this happen with you?

  • AllisonJane author
    10 months ago

    Thanks for the comments all. I have definitely had the fatigue come on fast and furious, and stay that way for a while. Melissagallo, I don’t get those kinds of muscle spasms, but I have certainly had pain in a joint (or a few joints) surprise me. In truth, I don’t feel like I’m particularly good at knowing when I’m starting to flare, so it’s not clear what triggers them either… that might be the most frustrating of all of this – not being able to predict, prevent etc…

  • GCM
    11 months ago

    Mine are always out of the blue; one minute I am fine….the next minute I have a flare! Sad to say the flare doesn’t go away that quickly however. Best wishes!

  • VickiN moderator
    1 year ago

    Oh my, Allison! What an unexpected (and unwelcome) midday surprise! It can be really individual. For some, flares hit out of the blue, and for others there are warning signs. It’s possible that as you become more familiar with your flare cycles you’ll start to notice warning signs too. One of our contributors discusses hers here, if you’re interested:
    Because this is the first time you’re experiencing this, we would definitely recommend a quick check in with your Rheumatologist/Doctor, just to be on the safe side!
    Sending a gentle hug that the storm passes soon,
    -Victoria, Community Moderator

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