Do you have problems eating pork?

I have been living with PSA for 10 years now. As an experiement two years ago, I stopped eating pork to see if it would make me feel better. It did, a little bit. Now I have noticed that I get stomach cramps and diarrhea when I do eat pork to the point that I avoid it altogether now. Growing up, I have always been able to eat pork and absolutely adore all types of pork dishes. But with the terrible digestive issues, I longingly look and smell but stay away. So right now, I extremely sad that I am unable to enjoy pork products anymore.

Does anyone else have this same issue? Is it even related to PsA? I know it is not an allergy because I have gone through allergy testing. And has anyone heard of anything that could help me relieve these symptoms or prevent them from happening so I can enjoy pork again? I am wondering about using probiotic and enzyme supplements, specifically Protease, to see if that would allow eat the yumminess of pork without subjecting myself to abject misery?

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