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How does mild PsA affect you?

The latest poll on here shows a lot of people have been diagnosed with mild PsA. Just wondering what others will mild PsA take for medication? How does having mild PsA affect you? Do you worry it will get worse?

Community Answers
  • ClairG moderator
    11 months ago

    Hey, I have mild psoriatic arthritis and worry all the time about how it will be when it gets worse. I am trying to bring my inflammation levels down with some natural products. Over the counter pain medication and some rx meds too! How are you copping at the moment? – Clair,

  • Diane T
    11 months ago

    I started out with mild PsA 30 years ago. It didn’t get worst until 20 years later. I’m sure this is all part of old age and lifestyle, but the PsA did get worst. We are all different and our bodies react so differently. Just make sure to keep a good repore with your doctor and know the changes in your body.

    Thank you,


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