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Do PsA and high triglyceride levels go together

Hi, glad to be part of the forum! I have a question. I recently had a cholesterol test that showed high triglycerides. Do autoimmune diseases impact that? Do PsA and high triglyceride levels go together? Should I be concerned? Thanks for any information you may have!

Community Answers
  • Leanne Donaldson
    1 year ago

    Hello @RealNeil ,
    Sad to say, but yes. High triglycerides does go hand in hand with PsA. It can be part of something called Metabolic Syndrome which is linked to the inflammation caused by PsA. I tend to have higher blood sugar which is also part of the package. In my experience, when my PsA is under control, so is my blood sugar and I would think that high triglycerides would be similar. But for sure, check with your doctor and he/she should be able to tell you for sure if they are linked in your case.
    Here is an article that goes over several of the conditions linked to PsA. We have a few dealing with metabolic syndrome.

    I hope this helps you find some answers and I’m sorry that you are experiencing these extra issues.
    -Leanne, Community Moderator

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