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Freeze That Thought

I have been in some agonizing pain with psoriatic arthritis and there were times I would do anything to get some relief. During one of my most horrific flares, I needed relief immediately. I had invested in some ice packs but hadn’t used them often.

Can ice packs help?

I decided to apply the ice packs to the inflamed area where I was having so much pain one day. I have learned that the ice pack constricts the blood vessels, therefore, numbing the pain. It was such a relief. My ice pack has saved the day. For those of us with psoriasis arthritis, we know the pain. Over the years I have used cold packs which have a numbing effect, which helps dull the pain and swelling. I usually ask my doctor how long to leave on a heat or ice pack. I was told no longer than 15 minutes at a time; once your skin comes back to the normal temperature, you can apply again.

I remember back in the day when I didn’t have an ice pack but remember taking something out of the freezer worked just as well. My refrigerator has plenty of ice packs, so when one needs refreezing; I always have one on hand. It’s the swelling and the inflammation that sets these joints off going crazy and I mean crazy pain.

Heat pads might help too

Many people think that you would use a heating pad, however, heat can help relieve joint pain and swelling by relaxing sore muscles. I’m telling you that both can bring so much relief. If you don’t have a heating pad; make one. Put a damp cloth into a microwave, then wrap it in another cloth. It should feel comfortable; don’t make it too hot.

Using what works for your pain

My friends always call me and ask what are you doing? On so many occasions I have said I am freezing my body. They usually laugh, but they know exactly what I’m talking about. When we find something that works we must continue to use it. It has really made a 100 percent change in my flare-ups. Psoriatic arthritis does has its moments and can come with a vengeance. There are some days I am so stiff and can barely make it from one room to another. I take medication but when my joints feel like showing off; I need that freezing and numbness to kick in.

Most of the time I wrap my ice pack in a towel and find a comfortable place to sit and apply to ice to the painful areas in my body. Most of the time the pain is in my back, shoulders, arm, knees and legs. I leave it there until I start feeling some relief. When I feel my area beginning to numb I know that pain relief is here.

Inexpensive temporary relief

If you have never suffered from this often excruciating pain then you may not know why this is a part of my regimen. I don’t know what I would do without my ice packs. They are inexpensive and worth purchasing.

As always, run these things by your doctor what you are going to try. I’m sure he would want to know whether these at home remedies are working or not. We never know if these things are helping or causing more harm. Of course, this only temporary relieves joint pain, stiff joints, and any range of motion. For me just adding in some home treatments has help managing my psoriatic arthritis manageable. I had to freeze this thought because it has truly changed my flare-up episodes.

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  • DebeeC
    7 months ago

    I save the cold packs shipped with my Cosentyx Pens! When frozen they last considerably longer than the average ice pack and can be rotated to other inflamed areas!
    I listened to a medical blog purporting that the cause of all disease was an abundance of acid. The blog went on to suggest limiting the diet of acidic foods and drink! The blog went on to suggest eating a more alkaline diet could reverse immune diseases and inflammation leading to less pain. Has anyone else heard of this theory and or followed that type of diet? I am curious if so, did you experience any reduction of pain, stiffness?
    Thanks in Advance!

  • Diane T author
    7 months ago

    I also saved my cold packs from my medication.

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