Knee bones with angry red cartoon-like figures representing inflammation.

Winning the War on Inflammation

Hike up those grown-up pants ladies and gentlemen because today we are talking about fighting the good fight against inflammation. When it comes to psoriatic arthritis, the root of all evil is inflammation. Anywhere the disease is active, you will find inflammation. Often, we find ourselves fighting inflammation in many areas. So it is about time we get serious about fighting inflammation and getting the enemy under control.

Rule 1: Know your enemy

Inflammation is a tricky devil. Sometimes characterized in appearance by red, swollen joints, but not always. I’ve had plenty of joints and muscles that hurt like h#ll, but you would never know it just by looking at them. In addition to that, inflammation can occur in any muscle, joint, organ, or tissue in your WHOLE body. That’s one big battlefield to cover. Which leads us to Rule 2.

Rule 2: Fight the war on many fronts

Your chances of winning the war on inflammation greatly increase if you utilize all the weapons in your arsenal to fight inflammation. Inflammation can find its way into our bodies in many ways. The foods we eat, how we treat our bodies, and manage our emotional health can all contribute to the levels of inflammation in our bodies. Just like there is no single source of inflammation, there is no single cure all either.

The food we eat

Therefore it is only wise that we take several different steps to systematically fight the war on many fronts. Avoid foods known to cause inflammation like dairy, sugar, and refined grains. Instead opt for foods that fight inflammation like salmon and dark chocolate (YES, I said chocolate!!!).


But the war doesn’t stop there. Adding herbal supplements such as turmeric and ginger root can help you be more proactive in the fight. In addition, CBD oil is also a popular choice to help lower inflammation levels in the body. Alone, supplements (in my experience) don’t make a noticeable difference but combined with the many other options available to fight inflammation, they are certainly a great weapon.

Rule 3: Recruit help

As independent minded as we may be, we should know that a little help can go a long way. When you live with psoriatic arthritis, don’t underestimate the value of not only physical support, but emotional as well. We can’t fight this war alone. We all need the support and understanding of friends and family.

Find a community, whether in-person or online, where you feel you are understood and accepted. Surround yourself with an army of people who you feel you can truly be yourself with. Your army is a valuable resource, especially during difficult or trying times in your fight against inflammation. Never, ever underestimate the value of a good laugh to fight stress-induced inflammation.

Rule 4: Actively participate in psychological warfare

Inflammation will leave no stone un-turned when it impacts your body, that includes your emotional and mental health as well. Don’t wait until things get bad to try and repair your mental health. Be proactive when it comes to protecting your emotional health.

Add positive things to your daily routine like yoga, journaling, or prayer. Using proven ways to combat inflammation producing emotions, like stress, can positively impact your overall sense of well-being and keep levels of inflammation in check.

The war will not be easy. Some battles will be lost. But with a strong army and proactive measures, we will win the war on inflammation.

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