Missing My Bed (Which Is Not That Great for My PsA)

If you have psoriatic arthritis for any length of time you know the pain that brings. Living each day consumed in pain can bring even the best person to their knees. There are several things that become important when living with psoriatic arthritis. They can range from a good pair of shoes to a heating blanket or pad to a good mattress to sleep on.

What things bring me comfort?

For me, especially with the weather turning colder, it’s a nice electric blanket wrapping around my body at night. It’s a comfortable pair of shoes that provides enough support that it feels like I am walking on air. A good mattress that can support your body and provide some comfort is also a plus. Depending on each person’s type of pain It can be a different list for each.

Is my mattress comfortable for my hip pain?

Like most people with psoriatic arthritis mine started with pain in my back. Over the years that has progressed to my knees and more especially my hips. It seems when it comes to sleeping at night, what few hours I get, the pain is focused in my hip areas entirely. I do so much turning from side to side it is a wonder I do not get dizzy and fall out of the bed. I have a pillowtop mattress on my bed. Almost daily I keep telling my husband how much I hurt at night and how much I think we need to invest in a new mattress. Recommendations on replacing a mattress can be anywhere from 6 to 15 years depending on the source you go with. Our mattress is approaching the 7-year mark.

Why haven't I been home and in my own bed?

This week I have been at my son’s home because his 5-month-old daughter got diagnosed with RSV. He needed me to be there so he and his wife could work. Seeing as my granddaughter would need breathing treatments every 4 hours at home, they didn’t feel comfortable with leaving her with just anyone. Because he was diagnosed with asthma at 6-months old and I had to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours he knew I was the person to call. Although I knew it would be hard on my psoriatic arthritis there is nowhere else I want to be.

Has the bed been comfortable for my psoriatic arthritis?

Their house has only 3 bedrooms – one is theirs; one is their oldest daughter's, and one is a nursery. My oldest daughter sleeps on a day bed that has a trundle bed underneath. When I'm there, they pull out the trundle bed for me to sleep on in the room with her. My living room has a futon bed which I thought was hard. It turns out this trundle bed has a futon beat. It has got me thinking that my mattress at home might not necessarily need replacing at all. Four days into being here and I can honestly say I am missing my bed mattress and all. It is going to be a dream to be home and crawl into my bed. However, I figure that will last about a week. I figure after that I might go back to thinking we need a new mattress. Only time will tell.

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