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Choosing The Right Mattress When Living (& Sleeping) with Psoriatic Arthritis

Restful and peaceful sleep is difficult to come by for me - I'm sure most of you who live with psoriatic arthritis agree. Personally, my pain levels are higher at night, which makes lying down comfortably completely impossible. The intense pain and pressure make comfortable sleep an unreachable dream.

For many years, I have used an eggshell mattress topper which has been a great help and something I would recommend to anyone with psoriatic arthritis. A few months ago, a big move was in my future - and a potential new bed.

A few things to consider when buying a mattress...

I'll start by saying that my new bed has been close to life-changing and honestly one of the best investments I have made - though it was quite a journey. Here are a few things I considered when choosing a new bed and how they directly relate to my pain levels associated with psoriatic arthritis.

Orthopedic beds, in my opinion, were the ideal choice for me. You have to find the one that is right for you, and I promise you, it is a worthwhile investment. Do your research. Here are a few of the things that I looked at.

Size does matter!

Finding the right size and associated weight recommendations n are vital when bed shopping. Good beds are expensive. Your comfort and pain relief is worth saving money for.

I looked into a size that would support my weight and the biggest bed size that would comfortably fit into my room. I chatted with more than one sales consultant and finally settled on a good fit for my room.

Memory foam

Memory foam molds and contours around your body and relieves pressure on your joints. My spine is better aligned with memory foam, and there is certainly less pressure. My body can relax completely. 

Memory foam is excellent for assisting with healthy blood circulation. Memory foam also absorbs some movement, which can reduce strain on your body and your joints. This can reduce swelling and all around be a great and healthy choice for your body.

Gel cooling

This is one of those add-ons that I honestly thought was a gimmick. It wasn't and has worked out really nicely for me. When I sleep, I am a human heat generator. I get excessively hot, and it wakes me up at night; while this has nothing to do with my actual psoriatic arthritis, it makes a big difference in helping me sleep. I will take it.


This is something that I believe comes down to each individual; I have, over the years, found that a firmer mattress makes a huge difference in the long run.

While in a moment of brightness, I have been known to think that a softer bed would be better. I am 100% wrong; a firmer bed is always better for me, even if it takes me a week or two to adjust to a new bed; after that, it is smooth sailing.

This or That

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