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Sleep schedule

I was wondering if there are folks here who’ve made changes to their sleeping schedules and can share some insight. I know generally they say 8 hrs average sleep before midnight is ideal. I am finding that regardless of good nights of sleeping “normal,” my body naturally reverts back to a night owl sched (i.e. being sleepy during the day and more awake and can focus better at night).
Has anyone else experienced something similar? Did you end up trying to fix/orient your schedule to typical hours, or did you follow what feels more natural to your body?
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  1. That is an interesting question, . I hope you get lots of responses from the community. I wouldn't think it matters when you sleep as long as you are getting enough sleep. Some people have no choice. They work overnight or late into the night, and they learn to adjust. Here are a couple of articles from our advocates about sleep. The first is about the importance of a regular sleep schedule:, and the second is about using medical marijuana to get on a better sleep schedule: They don't exactly address your question, but I thought you might find them interesting. Wishing you the best! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I have similar sleep schedule. I was a night owl before PSA was diagnosed or an issue. I struggle early morning hours with fatigue. I seem to be more awake between 8:00 p.m. and 1:00 A.M. I also have Type 2 Diabetes. I know my numbers bounce around based on eating. I find if I force myself to bed before I'm ready, I just get restless.

      1. Thank you for sharing, I am similar with those late hours that feel more productive and creative! I used to paint/do art before my joints started acting up. I also get the opposite effect when trying to sleep early like you, and find that i need to have a light snack a couple hours before sleeping otherwise I don’t fall asleep well.

    2. I find that 8 hours of sleep is absolutely not enough. I sleep at least 9 on good days, 10-11 on pre-flare days, and 12-14 on flare days. These amounts of sleep are the only way that I function. I do find that sometimes sleep is hard because of pain and fatigue so I'm thankful for a muscle relaxer, rain noises on my sleep app, a weighted blanket, epsom salt bath and/or melatonin. Usually the relaxer plus one of those others will do me in, but you've got to find what works for you.
      I also have to appropriately "wear" myself out some days by using my standing desk or going for a slow and easy walk/ Tai Chi or even just really exhausting my brain and I make sure to NEVER drink caffeine after 1 pm. I found these things work for me after experimenting with sleep rituals and logging on what I was eating and moving effected my body.
      As for going from night to day...I was a late nighter when I was an improv performer but my job didn't demand much from me so I was kind of a ghost during the day. Recently I had to switch to fully functioning days and to help with the being sleepy thing I make sure I honor my sleep needs and I really lean in to my sleep ritual. I start going to bed about 2 hours before I'm actually wanting to sleep.
      I do soothing things, turn off the TV and phone, play soft music, take a bath, drink some herbal tea and by the time I need to sleep I'm ready to sleep. I also know I need plenty of time to get up so I skip the morning shower and use that time to warm up my gelled joints with stretches and movements in the bed...on hard days I might even use a heating pad on them.
      But if you can move your schedule to fit your sleep needs do it! I know plenty of night owls and you just gotta work when you can work and sleep when you can sleep!

      1. It is awesome that you are so in tune with your body and your sleep rhythms, . You give some great advice. Thanks for sharing what helps. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

      2. Thanks for the tips, as well as mentioning the sleeping more than 8 hrs thing. I had been feeling guilty for feeling like i need way more sleep (very similar to your numbers actually!). It makes me feel like I am being lazy/unproductive because prior to my PsA being full blown, I was able to function during the day and with only 6hrs. But that’s just not the case anymore and really glad to hear from another with similar experience! Thank you!

    3. Added slow Magnesium at night

      1. - I take SlowMag it’s a slow release pill & take it every night. It takes 2-3 nights to work but believe me I sleep 6-7 hours!

      2. , that sounds great! So glad that this is helping you get a good sleep. I hadn't heard of SlowMag before (I'm over the UK so that may explain that). I recently did a short trial of magnesium glycinate and that seemed to really improve my sleep. I'll have to look into the SlowMag/magnesium chloride! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

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