Find the Calm Within the Storm

Oh, man. Some days managing psoriatic disease is simply too much for me. The constant fight, the uphill battle. Some days I just want it all to stop.

Finding ways to tune it all out

Imagine if that was an option, just tune it all out, even for a little while. Find some peace and find some version of calm in the storm. For me finding ways to cope with the frustration of psoriatic disease has been an integral part of coping with life as a whole.

Facing the past and embracing change

Finding calm is a very personal and difficult thing. We have to be open to change and it all depends on what we enjoy. Now I know that many of us are no longer able to do many of the things we used to. We are also mourning the loss of what we had. It is a struggle to see that there are other things that we can enjoy.

It is okay to find new things we enjoy and who knows, we might fall in love with them too. We hang on to the things that are in our past as we strongly feel that they are part of who we are. It is possible that you really do enjoy it and giving it up, might feel like a failure. I promise you, it is not. Change is okay, we just need to be open to it.

Finding new hobbies

Finding new loves, hobbies, things to do that are within your new capabilities can be a whole journey on its own. Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Do make the effort though. You deserve to find something that helps you clear your mind and just take a few painful moments away.

So if running was your thing, maybe move to walking. Adjust the distance as to how you feel. Choose to walk in areas that have lovely views and pack a picnic and make it worth it.

Look after your mental health

We deal with a lot on a daily basis. In my opinion more than what most people should. So making time to step away from the madness that is our every day is very important. Taking time to recharge your batteries and rest your mind and body.

Meditation can be very helpful. I am unable to meditate by myself so I chose to use guided meditation. Find someone whose voice you find tolerable. They are so lovely. You can use them just before bed or even during your lunch break.

What do you do to find some calm in your own storms?

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