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My Psoriasis Is Flaring Which Has My Psoriatic Arthritis Flaring

Last year was a terrible year for me and this year hasn’t been much better. It started with the passing of my mom and ended with an assault by a family member. That assault left me with a broken knee. I started 2023 in a wheelchair because I could not put weight on that leg at all. That was doctor’s orders. All these months later, I am finally able to walk, but my knee is still not right and will probably never be right. I have been told that I will need a total knee replacement, but I am trying hard to push it out as far as I can. I can’t see coming all this way from non-weight bearing to walking just to turn around for that. It has already been such a struggle both mentally and physically.

How was my psoriasis flare triggered?

I am not of the mindset yet to face the new obstacle, but I know I can’t wait long either. It has all been so disheartening to say the least. Cue last week, I found out I had to go to court over the assault, just two days before the day I was supposed to be there. Those two days were spent with my mind whirling, my anxiety at an all-new high, and I was dealing with my fear of what I would have to face. Sitting in that courtroom took its toll on me both mentally and physically. Because of the added stress it put my psoriasis into a flare. The irritation of the flare had caused my psoriatic arthritis to flare as well.

Can my psoriatic arthritis flare at the same time?

Can both conditions flare at the same time? I have never had it happen before but there is always a first. I know how tense I was that day. That was definitely not good on the psoriatic arthritis. It is not like you can get up in a courtroom and move around so it was hours of sitting which is never good on me in the first place. There was no doubt in my mind that the psoriasis would flare. I already anticipated that it was coming. What I did not have in mind is that the psoriatic arthritis could flare right along with it.

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Why did I have a terrible night's sleep?

How bad is it? Just for an example I spent one of the most miserable nights I have had in a long-time, last night. My ankle which is covered in psoriasis throbbed and was so painful that even the sheets touching it made it hurt. I tried to find a position to lay in that would ease that pain, but was met with pain from my hips, back and knees. Those are the areas my psoriatic arthritis affects. It seems that no matter what I did, I was in misery all night. I think I finally managed to snooze a bit when I put a pillow between my legs which seemed to help both situations. I hope I go a long time before ever experiencing that kind of discomfort again.

How am I feeling?

I feel beat up, beat down and all over tense. It feels like my body has been put in a vice and someone cranked on the handle until it squeezed me into a blob. I thought I knew pain before. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I had felt all the psoriatic arthritis pain at once before. However, last night has me rethinking that. As much as I want to wait on that knee replacement I don’t know if I can now if I have too many more nights like that.

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