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5 Tips for a More Peaceful Life With Psoriatic Arthritis

Our days are busy and seemingly only getting busier. As the days melt into weeks and the weeks seem to roll into months. Do you make time to bring peace into your life? Do you know how to bring peace into your life

Managing stress with PsA

With stress levels seemingly being at an all-time high, battling psoriatic arthritis brings its own challenges and sure brings more stress to our lives. Taking time to consciously bring peace into your world can make a significant difference. I have found these five ways to be extra helpful.

Visual noise

Physical clutter around us can be very stressful and leave us feeling anxious. The most relatable term is visual noise. When it is very visually loud around us, it can cause our minds to feel cluttered and overly busy. 

Having a good spring clean can help ease this, and it does not need to be done in one day. Take the time. Clear out and donate unwanted goods to charity. Cleaning can be extra exhausting for us, be sure to take it slow and listen to your body. Keep your hand on it, pick up the clutter often and try to pack away everything when you are done with it.

The impact of mindfulness

Meditation is something that does not need to be done in a traditional form. You could have prayer time and quiet time. It is strictly about switching off from the world for just a little while.

Put that phone on silent. Take ten minutes and you will be feeling a whole lot better. I often listen to a ten-minute guided meditation and it makes a big difference. If you are laying down while doing this, set an alarm if you need to be somewhere, just in case you fall asleep!

Go outside!

Fresh air. That is certainly something that our lives can always use more of. Go for a walk. If you cannot go walk for half an hour, go walk for ten minutes.

If you're too sore and you just cannot face it, that is okay too. Sit outside and just breathe the fresh air in. Watch the birds and the world go by.

Music heals your soul

There is simply something about my favorite tunes floating through the air and into my soul that just soothes the stresses of the world, if only for a little while. 

A long soak in the bath and some music, a walk in the neighborhood with my phone on silent and my headphones on. There is no right or wrong way, listen to music in the gym or on the way to work.

Kindness over everything

Taking the time to make someone else’s day is the most rewarding of them all. Reminding someone that they are brave or have nice shoes.

Showing kindness will always have rewards and seeing someone’s face light up from your kind words is singularly one of the most rewarding things there is.

Bringing peace into your world every day is easy enough if you let your mind go. I would love to hear your ideas.

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