X-ray view of a body with inflammation at the hip joint

Experiencing Hip Pain From Psoriatic Arthritis

Having a body that hurts is nothing new to me. Living with psoriatic arthritis, it is something that comes the territory. For all these years it has been my back that has been my main area of concern. About a year ago I had to add knee pain to that list.

Now it seems there is a new area that is causing me grief and definitely pain. Can this new pain be from being confined to home? Maybe too much sitting instead of moving around?

Hip pain with psoriatic arthritis

I know that psoriatic arthritis affects different joints in the body. Being overweight is not easy on the body either. This new pain is not hurting me all day. It is only hitting me when I try to lay down at night to sleep. Sleep is the last thing that is happening, however.

The hip pain started about two weeks ago. The first night it happened, I told myself, maybe I am just laying too long on that size and putting too much pressure on that particular hip. Maybe I walked too much that day. I played it off the same way when I first experienced symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. The problem with that is the pain has happened almost every night since. The pain starts in my hip and radiates down my leg.

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Seeing a doctor for the pain

It is so intense that it is actually keeping me awake. That within itself is no small chore because I have medication that helps me to sleep. I have only experienced pain to that level one other time when the psoriasis was actually irritating my foot joints.

Another bad part of this ordeal is that it is on the same side of the hip that I like to lay on when I sleep. After about a week of this pain each night, I decided it was time to talk to my doctor. When it gets to a point of causing me to not sleep, enough is enough. What did the doctor do? Same as always. The go-to is always to do an x-ray.

With that, I am quite sure I will get the same response as always too. Well, we see some osteoarthritis in there. I say that because whatever they saw did not warrant them calling me. It is so frustrating.

Hurting all the time

So now my thoughts switch to having to live with this new pain. How to make it better? Will it get worse? On and on and on. I swear it is like a roller coaster ride you cannot get off of. How many more areas of my body will get to be like this? Hurting all the time.

Don't you ever want to swap out one body for a new one like changing clothes? I know that is not possible but hey what a concept, right?

How do you handle hip pain?

I am left with the choice of trying to adapt to this new pain. What do I mean by that? I mean that instead of trying to sleep on that side, I'll need to lay on the other side. I have tried laying on my back but all I do is just lay there. It does not feel right to me so going to sleep on my back seems a no-go.

I have adapted to the back pain. I have learned over the years how to make it to where the back doesn't bother me as much. Don't get me wrong I do still have days that it bothers me. I do not ever want to give someone the idea that it is not a problem. As this is a new condition of psoriatic arthritis I am dealing with I have no idea of how to ease the pain.

If someone reading this is experiencing hip pain and has any suggestions, I am all ears.

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