Herbal Booties and Heated Mattresses - Your Community Recommendations

When managing psoriatic arthritis, sometimes the best recommendations come from fellow sufferers. So we’re keeping track of the products and treatments you say you love! In our last article of your community recommendations we reviewed Massage Sticks, Nutra Nails, Vionic Shoes, and Aspercreme. Here are some of your favourites from Winter 2017-2018.

Herbal comfort booties

First of all, huge shout out to our contributor, Leanne, for bringing these amazing booties to my attention! You see, not only are these booties comfy cozy, they’re also filled with herbs like lavender and cinnamon for some relaxing aromatherapy. Oh, and you can put them in the freezer… and the microwave. Perfect for days when your feet need some hot or cold therapy (but it's darn hard to balance ice/heating packs on your feet... booties solve this problem). Seriously, I’ve never met a bootie that checked so many boxes. What more could achy feet ask for? Someone please get me these for Christmas!

Sunbeam heated mattress pads

Turns out I’m not done singing the praises of Leanne, because she also told me about heated mattresses. Yes, electric heating is not just for blankets, you can also get heated mattress pads. We’ve previously reviewed Sunbeam heating pads and wraps, but spotlight for a second on these toppers for your mattress. I used to think that waterbeds were the only way to get your mattress hot, but any bed can be transformed (there's a dirty joke in there somewhere, I’m sure). If you love your heating blanket, consider a heated mattress pad!

Enso rings

Swollen fingers and rings, now there’s an unhappy marriage. I don’t know about you, but I can never predict what my ring size will be on any given day. Many with PsA also suffer from swollen fingers, which can make any ring or wedding band uncomfortable to wear. A fun alternative is Enso Rings, a company that makes silicone rings that resemble wedding bands (but don’t worry, they have lots of fun colours too). They’re soft, stretchy, and protect against ring avulsion and sudden swelling. Check them out, they have thousands of glowing reviews. Oh, and compared to a wedding band, they’re uber cheap.

Hyaluronic acid joint complex

Injectable hyaluronic acid is only available by prescription, but many community members like taking hyaluronic acid supplements as a way to ease inflammation. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally occurring in the body and is partly responsible for the flexibility of tissues and joint cartilage. HA is also what makes your synovial fluid thick and viscous, helping to prevent the breakdown of your joints. Little wonder then that many people find HA a welcome addition to their supplement roster. As with any supplement though, make sure to check with your doctor first for contraindications or potential side effects. You can pick HA up at most drugstores.


Our bonus tip comes from Melinda, who had a “handy” suggestion for stubborn jars. Many with PsA have trouble opening new jars, as painful hands can make gripping and twisting difficult. There are tons of handy devices out there, but consider this trick too. Before she leaves the grocery store, Melinda asks the bag boy/girl to pre-open all her jars before packing them up. They’re always happy to help, and it makes life easier once she gets home. Thanks for this great recommendation, Melinda!

Have any treatments, products, or tips that have worked for you? We’d love for you to share them with us!

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