6 Adaptive Tools for the Kitchen if You are Living with PsA

Do you have psoriatic arthritis and love to cook? There are a lot of twists and turns in the kitchen that requires your hands; twisting off tops on jars and turning kitchen knobs to the left or right.

Making the kitchen psoriatic arthritis friendly

Check out these items that will give you some much-needed relief around the kitchen during the holiday season or any time of the year when you want to cook.

No twisting required

Mayonnaise for the potato salad and relish for the deviled eggs. These common food items come in jars which means a lot of strenuous twisting for your wrist. Give your wrist a rest, pop your jar in an automatic opener and allow it to do the work for you.

This tools allievates the need for you to do the twisting yourself and does the work for you. I found an option on Amazon.com for around $30-$40.

When it's hard to grasp

Cooking might not be a hard concept for you to grasp, but the stove knobs or kitchen faucet may be a different story. If your fingers don't have much tenacity try this universal knob set designed with you in mind.

The long sturdy handle and teeth on the tool will give you the ability to turn what your hand can't do on it's own.

Get a grip

Don't let your swollen and inflamed hands stop you from enjoying a meal at the dinner table. During a flare, it can be hard for one to grip a spoon, fork, or knife due to the slim design.

ArthritisSupplies.com has an array of kitchen utensils which will allow you to get a better grip on your dinner. There are also knifes with nice grips you can use for cutting up meat or veggies.

On the right page

I feel this next item is something anyone can take advantage of. A book holder tray that keeps your big or small cookbooks on the page you need during your time in the kitchen.

This cookbook stand will keep you focused more on the meal you are preparing and less focused on some of your inabilities around the kitchen due to your PsA.

Need a hand?

Have you ever had a flare so bad you could hardly use one of your hands? This can make cooking difficult especially when cooking over the stove while using pots and pans. Having one hand debilitated due to psoriatic disease can make it difficult to cook.

Try out this pot stabilizer pan holder which will secure your pot or pan in one place.

Need a peel?

Potato salad and sweet potato pie; besides potatoes what do these two dishes have in common - peeling potatoes. If your joints are swollen, it will be difficult to bend your hand around a typical knife or peeler to get the skin off the veggies. Well, there is help at your finger tips...

The EZ peel vegetable peeler will make it easy for you to peel your veggies without having to bend your hand. You slide the tool on your middle finger like you would a ring and the tool fits in the palm of your hand. The only thing this tool requires you to do is rub the blade over the veggie in which the skin of the veggie will peel away.

We understand that every tool may not work for everyone! What works best for you? Share in the comments!

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