Psoriatic Arthritis Expectations Versus Reality

Learning to live a whole different way then you imagined can be shocking.

When you plan out your life and the events that will come with it. Most people do not plan to have psoriatic arthritis.

How did I expect my life would turn out?

Having arthritis at the age of twenty-two years old was not anything I was able to foresee. Has it affected the way I function? absolutely! My plans were to be married, have a great career, a nice home, have children and live happily ever after. No thought of any issues that could be considered life road blocks.

What has been the reality?

I did not choose: pain, swelling, fatigue, brain fog, and comorbidities. The truth is stiffness in the morning. Joint paint that not only aches but causes sharp shooting pains. Swollen toes that look like little hot dogs and several joints that are affected. Oddly the joints affected do not always mirror the right or left.

Why is support so important?

Being launched into a world of pain, swelling, and fatigue is not only physically hard, but mentally straining. Looking for answers and others who have the same situation is key. Not only does this give you an anchor to strengthen yourself it allows you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Support comes in so many areas. Doctors, rheumatologists, dermatologists, and mental health specialists are all added to a mix of those you rely on to keep you at your best. Family, and friends are great for moral help, doctor visits, and reminding you that you have someone in your corner. 

Can you still do what you did before?

Discoveries are being made daily. What you have always done may still be done but with modifications. You may not be able be out shopping for hours, but you may find that you spend your shopping time with more care by getting the things you need and having plans for resting along the way.

How can making lists help?

Lists help organize your thoughts, tasks, and accomplishments! The satisfaction of crossing off a "to do" makes me appreciate what can still be done. Knowing what your plan is helps the insurmountable feelings of being overwhelmed turn into something manageable.

Will this new reality become normal?

With practice and time what was a new discovered reality may become your new normality. Knowing where you are, finding what you need and practicing it changes the view of loss to acceptance. Don't misunderstood everyone has bad days. My reality changed in 1997. Every day I discover new things about my limits, and strengths. What are yours?

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