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How is Psoriatic Arthritis Fatigue Like an Onion?

Fatigue is something that is really hard to explain, so many people think that it is the same as being tired. It is however so much more than that. Like an onion, fatigue has many layers and there are so many layers and experiences that need to be taken into consideration.

These are the things that make it easier for me to explain to people that want to know but simply don't get, that it is more than just being tired. The exhaustion goes down to your bones, it takes over your mind and body.

Trying to live a semblance of usual life, becomes something that is rather out of reach, more often than not, we are experiencing multiple of the below at the same time and on a constant basis.

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What is fatigue?

Fatigue is lifting up a spoon to stir your coffee and your elbows and arms feel like you've been blow-drying your hair for an hour.

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Fatigue is not being able to stay awake when you are alone at home with your child, no matter how much you know the only option is to be awake if you sit down a moment too long, your eyes start falling shut. This means that a person learns to stay busy which is equally exhausting.

Fatigue is being unable to stay awake during the day and often not being able to sleep at night. While this makes no sense, one would think that you just fall over and sleep. And I am not sure if it is because I also have insomnia, maybe so, but I get to bedtime and I really struggle to sleep properly.

Fatigue is mental exhaustion and brain fog. Unable to remember things, and think straight. Your brain is exhausted and the more exhausted you are the less you are able to think straight. Your working memory becomes very vague and managing from task to task in the day can be challenging.

How does fatigue affect the body?

Fatigue brings headaches... all the time, they seem to never go away anymore, and a doctor has confirmed for me that they are simply from being totally run down all the time.

Fatigue is sore muscles, those that have the likeliness of a hard gym session or a long run. Except you have not done any of that. This makes it near impossible to even consider doing things.

Fatigue is being moody and grouchy without meaning to, it is snapping at the ones you love for no reason, and fatigue often finds you crying in the shower over this exact thing.

Fatigue finds you feeling unsafe driving your vehicle as sitting for too long could cause you to dose off behind the wheel.

Fatigue can quickly lead to serious health consequences, causing hallucinations, blurry vision, and a variety of other symptoms.

Where can you find support?

Fatigue is not simply solved with some sleep and then you feel better. It is hard to manage and even harder to live with. Chat with your doctor about your options to help treat this specific symptom.

Having support and understanding from the people around you and who are a part of your daily life can make a big difference. Be open and honest about how you are feeling. even though it can be hard for them to understand. Talking about it can help open a line of communication which can be very helpful. It's okay to need help and support while navigating these complicated things in life.

Also, make a point of connecting with people and communities of people who are experiencing similar symptoms. Feeling connected and validated is really heartwarming.

I hope you find this relatable and validating, we are a community and we are here for you.

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