Feeling Beautiful with Psoriatic Arthritis: Managing Hair and Makeup Routines

Last updated: March 2020

On the surface, you might think that psoriatic arthritis and “beauty” concerns couldn’t be more further apart. Worrying about how you look tends to pale in comparison to facing the pain and fatigue that come with psoriatic arthritis.

Feeling beautiful with psoriatic arthritis

Yet at the same time, I’m still a woman. I like to play with makeup and feel beautiful, despite the challenges of this condition. I really don’t think I should have to give up that desire to feel beautiful because of the pain that comes with psoriatic arthritis.

So, over the years, I’ve found a few workarounds for those of us that still have that desire to do our makeup (some days), take care of our skin (when we can), and fix our hair despite our claw-like hands and super-sensitive skin.

Tips for managing hair and makeup routines with psoriatic arthritis

There was something that I used to often say, long before my diagnosis, and that was, “Look good, feel good, do good.”

Sure, you might think it is a bit vain in the face of the very real pain that we live with every single day, but if I put a few ounces of energy into looking good, I work all that much harder to do a little good in my little corner of the world.

Makeup routines

Some aspects of makeup application require a steady hand with insanely amazing dexterity-none of which I have. Let me just say that. So when it comes to makeup there is a certain amount of grace you just have to give yourself.

Well that, and makeup brushes with very large handles.

Application brushes: At first, I thought those large application sponges would be absolutely perfect. Boy was I wrong. I made it halfway into my foundation application with my fingers wrapped around that large blending sponge just throbbing. Really, fingertips to elbow all like clenched in this talon-like grip of the sponge.

The problem was, there was only one way I could hold it. So I ditched that in favor of application brush with a long, chunky handle that I could change my grip on throughout my foundation application.

Pencils grips: Another very challenging area for me is eyeliner. To be honest, most days I skip this step. However, I hate to give it up entirely because I really like the statement it makes and how I look with it. So, to fix this, I added one of those pencils grips to the end of my eyeliner.

For just a few bucks, it helps keep my hand steady and all the lines where they belong without dropping the pencil a million times on the bathroom floor.

Let’s talk hair (or lack thereof)

While I can’t scientifically point the finger at my medications, I have very strong suspicions that they are the cause of my rapidly diminishing hairline. And I know that many people also suffer not only with the same side effects, but several other coexisting autoimmune conditions that can cause hair thinning and loss as well.

Since it has taken me so ridiculously long to find something that remotely works, I’m not about to stop my meds because it causes my hair to fall out. However, I’m not about to sit back and let it be.

Hair toppers: Let me introduce you, my dear friends, to the magic of hair toppers. I had never heard of these lovely little hair helpers before, being a typically short hair kind of girl. But these simple pieces can add so much volume without having to go “all in” on the whole wig thing.

It’s kind of like crutches instead of an entire artificial leg. And wow, do those things look good. Depending on what kind you get, you can take it to your stylist who can make it match and no one will be the wiser. Not to mention that they snap in with a few clips, easy peasy.

Dry shampoo: We can’t talk about hair with PsA without singing the praises of dry shampoo. If you have not taken this nectar of the gods for a spin, then you are missing out. Not only does it save the precious energy of actually showering every day, but it can add a ridiculous amount of volume to your hair.

Spray it on, give it a jujgzzz (it’s a technical term) and you are good to go. Miracles folks, miracles.

Psoriatic pain or not, beauty comes from the inside

When it comes down to it, we all know that feeling beautiful comes from the inside and that is true in all that matters.

But with a few simple changes, you can save some energy and pain, without having to sacrifice some of the things that make you smile when you look in the mirror.

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