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The Mental Aspect of Having Knee Replacement Surgery

If you have been reading my articles, then you know I have been trying hard to rehab a broken knee. The incident happened in December 2022. While I am now walking, that knee is not right. When I sit for any length of time and go to get up it feels like that knee is locked in place. It is so painful. I must bend my leg up to make it straighten up where I can walk. While I was trying hard to put off the knee replacement, I now know that I will have to have it done. I was hoping to put it off for at least a couple of years. However, my doctor was right. He said I would come back to him begging to have the knee replacement done. Now I am mentally trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead.

What has my doctor said?

When my doctor first saw the x-ray of my knee, he said that he saw extensive arthritis damage. I told him that made sense seeing as I have psoriatic arthritis. I had already been feeling pain in that knee before the break. He told me that between the break, the extensive arthritis damage, and the meniscus repair in that knee two years ago that a knee replacement would be inevitable in my future. However, he said the good thing about the knee replacement is that I would no longer have to deal with arthritis in that knee ever.

Am I nervous about knee replacement for my psoriatic arthritis?

Mentally I am struggling with the decision. I have spent almost a full year dealing with this knee. I kept hoping it would get better. That somehow it would get back to where it was before the injury. Sadly, that is not the case. Now I must face going through a surgery. Surgeries for me is not a pleasant thought. The anesthesia always makes me sick to my stomach. As soon as I wake up the nausea starts even with them giving me medicine to help. That already fills me with dread.

How do I feel about the physical therapy?

Not easy to accept that I will have to go through physical therapy again. My understanding is that they get you up and walking before you are even released from the hospital. The physical therapist I had when I was allowed to start putting weight on that leg was absolutely amazing. She understood when I told her my psoriatic arthritis was flaring and I was hurting too bad to do much. She said I could request to have her when I have the knee replacement done. My fear is that for whatever reason she will not be able to do it. I fear having a therapist that will not understand the limitations of psoriatic arthritis and he/she will try to push me beyond my capabilities. Maybe I shouldn’t think that way, but it weighs on me.

How long will it take to recover?

This also weighs heavy on my mind. I have already dealt with this for almost a year. What if it takes just as long to recover from the knee replacement? I have heard it can take at least that much time and maybe more. That’s a hard pill to swallow. Mentally I am not prepared for that. While my psoriatic arthritis might not be a problem any longer in that knee it doesn’t mean that it won’t flare in the other areas of my body already affected. That part worries me too. So much mental anguish over something I know must be done.

If you have had knee replacement, would you share some of your tips on how you prepared for it? Was it a mental anguish for you as well leading up to it?

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