Talking With Your Doctor About Psoriatic Arthritis Progression

I have seen so many stories and comments focused on doctor-patient communication. What is it that people have such a hard time talking to their doctor? It might be that many doctors nowadays are in and out of the patient room so fast. Having a real discussion is most times, non-existent.

However, when it comes to facing psoriatic arthritis progression, that discussion is most important. After all, it is your body and what you are feeling in terms of pain that should be taken seriously. Making them take the time to listen to you is so necessary.

Frustrating doctor appointments

For one thing, it is your health they should be most concerned for not trying to see how many patients they can see in a day so their wallets grow. Do I sound cynical? If so, that is because it makes me angry when a doctor will not listen.

Believe me, when I say that I have had my share of doctors rushing me through appointments and not taking the time to listen. They come in, ask a few questions, and then bam, gone. My first reaction is one of surprise especially if it is a new doctor I am seeing. The next emotion is anger.

I do not want to be treated as if I am just another person looking for pain pills. When I say I am in pain I want my doctor to take it seriously. If that doctor cannot do that then their time working with me has come to an end.

Being your own best advocate

So what is my next move? Simply put, I must search for another doctor. That search may take me to multiple doctors until I find that one who will listen. Is it easy? No. The alternative of staying with a doctor who doesn’t listen is far worse.

If we are not our own advocates when it comes to our healthcare then we are not getting the best care for our psoriatic arthritis. The longer our psoriatic arthritis goes without being properly treated, the longer it has to do major damage to the inside of your body. Once that damage is done it cannot be undone.

It is permanent damage. I don’t know about you but that little tidbit right there scares me. As it is I have already had one surgery on my left knee and am soon to have surgery on the other. In the years since my psoriatic arthritis started, I have felt it progress from my back to other parts of my body. It’s a constant pain I do not want to feel.

PsA is a serious condition

If this sounds like you, talk to your doctor. If that doctor doesn’t listen, find another doctor. Psoriatic arthritis must be treated and taken seriously. No one knows your body as you do. A doctor must put weight into what you are telling them. Demand it. After all, it is your time as well.

I can think of a million things I could be doing instead of sitting at a doctor’s office. Once you are in there be open about what is really going on. If you have to, make notes before you go so you can reference them. Do not be ashamed or afraid to tell that doctor exactly how your psoriatic arthritis is progressing. If you won’t, who will?

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