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Possibility of Knee Replacement Feels Imminent Now

Since December 2022, I have been battling a knee injury. When it first happened, the orthopedic surgeon told me that because of the broken knee, a meniscus repair, and extensive psoriatic arthritis damage, I would be looking at a total knee replacement.

What has the healing process been?

He had me doing physical therapy at home to strengthen the leg and knee. He said we may be able to heal the knee. He said it would depend on my psoriatic arthritis and if the situation got worse. It was mentally challenging for me because of how the broken knee happened. Without going into too many details, it was due to a family member attacking me. To make matters worse, this person knew my struggle with psoriatic disease. Those thoughts stay in my mind while I am going through all this.

Can I walk?

It took six months of using a wheelchair, then a walker, then a cane, and finally being able to walk. I walk slowly, but I am walking, so it feels like a win to me. However, that was a couple of weeks ago. Now, it feels like it is not a win.

In fact, it feels like it is far from it. Yes, I am still able to walk. Things started to change about two weeks ago. I was staying with my aunt, helping to care for her. I have a habit of walking around my house or any family member’s house wearing only socks. Three days before I was to leave, I stepped on a long sticker that jammed in my foot. The pain that shot through my foot caused me to take two hard steps on that bad knee. That pain in my knee made me forget about the sticker.

Will my psoriatic arthritis do more damage?

Now, when I go to get up from my chair or couch, it feels like it is bone grinding on bone in that knee. There are times when the bone will pop as if it got dislocated and had to pop back in place. I fear that psoriatic arthritis will flare after these hard steps happen. The doctor had told me that if the psoriatic arthritis were to flare, it could cause more damage in and around that knee, which would result in me having the knee replacement sooner rather than later.

Am I ready for a knee replacement?

I know I need to make an appointment with him so he can x-ray my knee and tell me what is going on. Honestly, I am scared to do it, afraid of what he might tell me.

I have worked so hard to get back to walking that I don’t want to have the knee replacement this soon. I want to put it off as long as possible. Is that dumb? The answer is probably so. The doctor did tell me that it would get to a point of being so painful I would want it done. My knee is painful, but not so painful that I cannot tolerate it. I keep hoping that by taking those bad steps, I just twisted it, which will take time to heal.

For those of you who have had a knee replacement, can you tell me when you knew it was time to have the surgery? I’m fearful, but I don’t want to be so fearful that I do enough damage where nothing can be done.

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