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What do you use for pain relief whilst waiting for a new treatment to work?

I'm almost certain I have psoriatic arthritis (psoriasis for 4 years, back pain, heel pain, white spots on nails, widespread joint pain and tendonitis for >1 year, morning stiffness, fatigue, conjunctivitis, waking up at 4am in pain) but I've been waiting 7 months for a specialist referral now.

I've tried ibuprofen, paracetamol, amitryptiline, codeine and tramadol for the pain and nothing works anymore. My GP is really helpful and supportive but we've run out of ideas. Is there anything I could try to get some sleep? I've run out of sick days at work and doing my job on 3/4 hours of sleep for so many months is really taking its toll.

Thanks everyone!

  1. Im 95% I have it too, it’s in the family. I feel fortunate that I have an appointment with a specialist in two weeks.
    I have tried many pills to try and get relief and some sleep.
    My dr started me on pregabalin recently , now have 100mg am and pm. Also take 2 codeine at night relief I have had for not sure how long! Seems a lifetime!
    Stay strong...just had chest X-ray and blood tests to go on Methotrexate but feel nervous....see what happens and what consultant decides.

    1. Hi sorry to hear you are going through so much. Trying to get in to see any doctor now with this CoVid is so hard. It already took a long time to see a specialist now it takes even longer. I hope you can find some relief soon. My go-to is my electric blanket. The heat seems to help. Please come back and update us when you are able to see the specialist. Vickie W., Community Moderator

      1. Thank you for both your kind responses! I will give the pregabalin a go and the electric blanket makes so much sense. I use a wheat bag that you need to microwave but this is a better solution. So glad I posted 😀 and good luck with your methotrexate. I'm sure we'll find some relief soon...


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