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Tips for recovering after vacation

I just came home from a lovely vacation with my family, and I've been extremely sore and fatigued since we've gotten back (Not to mention the small cold I picked up on our flights back home) so I'm not doing too hot haha

Personally I love to just stay in bed and relax with a cozy show until I start feeling better again, but I'd love to know what you do to relax/recover from a long vacation! - Abigail, Team Member

  1. Long-distance travel tires most people so it is not surprising that people need a rest on returning home - it's often not possible on arrival at the destination - for me it's a light meal, half an hour with a very clingy cat (which is relaxing), feed cat and off to the bathroom. Then bed and sleep for about 8 hours (about 3 hours longer than my average night when at home). Next morning I spend in front of the computer loading all my thousands of "holiday snaps" - they are not really snaps as I use about four different lenses during my European visits and take photos that many people say are special. I usually eat a bit much that day and go to bed early and the next day I'm up and feeling like normal.

    1. That's wonderful, ! Thank you so much for sharing!! I adore that you make that extra time to spend with your cat💕 My own little girl is so clingy whenever I get back from a long trip, but I adore her. nothing brings me more comfort after a trip than laying down in my bed all cozy with my little kitty💞

      and that so lovely that you take so many photos while on vacation! If you don't mind me asking, what type of camera do you usually use for your trips? - Abigail, Team Member

  2. I returned a little over a week ago from a long planned and far too short vacation with my husband to Jamaica. The trip started out rough as my husband arranged our plane tickets such that I had to be up at 3am and out the door by 4:15. I managed to make it out the door at 4:45am. I'm way too old now to travel like that and it took a lot out of me at the outset. Next time we will take an extra day to travel to our overseas hub in Atlanta, stay at a Hilton near the airport and catch our overseas flight at a reasonable hour the next day. I think that will help keep me from being so tired and stressed at the beginning of the trip. The physical strain of my daily biological clock being upset caused me to pick up a cold virus, possibly RSV, that blew into a full on sinus and bronchitis infection after we returned home, the day after my scheduled quarterly Skyrizi injection. If I continue with biologics, in the future I will not take the injection if I have the slightest hint of a sniffle. I never plan activities or appointments for a week after travel so that I can take my time unpacking, cleaning, and relaxing. I take packable protein powder to add to my coffee in the mornings for an added protein boost while traveling, also I take gluten free ginger snaps in my carry bag for a snack my stomach can tolerate on the go. Also, Copper Fit gloves, I wear these going through the airports etc to help my hands with grip and comfort as well as protection from constantly shoving them in my bags.

    1. That's wonderful, ! I'm so glad that your protein powders help you so much!! I honestly might have to start looking into some of these for myself soon!! Outta curiosity, Do you always add it to your coffee, or is that just for travel? - Abigail, Team Member

    2. thank you for mentioning the Copper Fit gloves. I'd never heard of them. I tore my hands up badly last week - broken nails, small cuts, bruises, chapping. Which of course made the trip more challenging than it needed to be. It wasn't that I was careless, just camping and doing different things: zippers on everything, constant hand washing, my dog's leash, temp changes, digging through plastic tubs to find what I need, etc.
      I'm going to look into those for the next trip. Thank you!

  3. I didnt this time, but did think about it, I might next time though, if for no other reason than to assure my carryon makes it into the cabin. Who said being disabled doesn't have its perks?😉 Hey, I'd rather not have this staggering disaster, but if I must, I might as well use the help thats there.

    1. I went to Tennessee last week to scout out the area I'm moving to in November and was only going to be gone from Sunday through Wednesday. It was a good trip and I mostly enjoyed it, but it also made clear how much I rely on my routines - simply stepping away from them for a few days was tiring, as is sleeping in a different bed. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was feeling the effects. About halfway home, I made a couple calls to key customers and told them I'd decided to stay a few more days, and that I'd be available on Monday. Yes, I felt bad for the lie, but I also knew that if it was known I was home, even if I said I was taking the rest of the week off, I'd be inundated with calls and texts. "I know you're off, but could you just ..."
      I then took Thursday and Friday to rest and treated it pretty much like I would a flare. Took naps, went to bed early, at comfort food from the freezer, snuggled with the fur kids, watched movies, read. (Also did my second loading dose of Skyrizi Friday.) Then Saturday and Sunday, I slowly unpacked and put things away, downloaded pictures, did laundry, and regular weekend tasks, but more slowly, and by Monday morning I was back to normal.
      I think the biggest thing for me is leaving myself time at the end of the trip to recover before "real life" resumes. Thinking I could get back to work the day after I got home was absurd.

      1. I hear you, ! I didn't notice how much having a routine helped me until my vacation, it's so important and helps me feel more relaxed and comfortable, and just makes me feel better about my day. And that sounds like a wonderful way to recover from a vacation! I did mostly the same, cuddling with my darling cat, watched my favorite show and listened to my body. It helps so much when we're able to have time between major outings to just, relax and let our bodies recover.
        I absolutely relate to thinking I can just jump back into work after vacation, I thought it would be so easy, yet it was quite the opposite haha.
        Thank you so much for sharing with us, Amy! If you don't mind me asking, how did your second Skyrizi does go? - Abigail, Team Member

      2. isn't it amazing how much we come to rely on routines with PsA? I've always been fairly organized, but now I'm so reliant on that organization and routines to get through the days. Things being where they belong, the times and methods for simple tasks, etc. It was an eye-opener! But each time I do something different - in this case a "vacation" alone, rather than with friends - I learn from it and the next time it will be easier.
        So far so good with the second dose! No side effects either time. I mentioned in another post that I purposefully don't read side effects so I'm not influenced - instead I give it to my best friend, then tell her anything I notice differently. "Hey, I'm having rather vivid dreams, is that mentioned?"
        "Nope! And you've always have vivid dreams."
        "All of my fingernails have been breaking off. Is that mentioned?"
        "Nope! You went camping and didn't wear gloves."
        I don't know what I'd do without her.
        I HAVE noticed the newer spots of psoriasis on my face are gone and the older spots on the sides of my nose are almost gone, the insides of my ears are itching and flaking less, the miscellaneous spots on my torso have mostly cleared, and my elbows (which have always been the worst) look better than they have in years. I'm also feeling less "resting" pain - that constant ache that's always there even when not moving. Not much change in deep joint pain yet, but Eric_the_Eric mentioned in another post that he started seeing some relief a few weeks after the second loading dose, so I'm very hopeful!

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