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Have You Made Any Lifestyle Changes After a Psoriatic Arthritis Diagnosis?

I'm sure we all have tried lifestyle changes such as dieting to help with our PsA. This helped when I was younger and gave me more energy.

Exercise can be a challenge, but I do add in some low-impact things, such as walking. This helps strengthen my joints and keeps me in shape.

What lifestyle changes have you made if any to help you manage your condition?

  1. Diane T, I was always been a social person. I taught both high school and college for years, had numerous good friends, went on cruises with my friends- I was an average person, a well adjusted woman. This Christmas, it will be 4 years since I have left my condo except to carry out the garbage. I feel safe and secure in here. However, the mere thought of leaving here causes a panic attack. I have been diagnosed with agoraphobia.
    I don’t want company except for immediate family. Every time someone else has been here, I catch something. I don’t get a little sick; I get sick. My immune system is shot.
    Thankfully, I live downtown in a large city. I can get anything I want or need delivered. I have in-home health care, including therapy.
    I am on anti anxiety medication, and I have no anxiety in my safe little condo. In fact, I am completely content in here. I stay busy and actually feel completely normal.
    PsA and the complications from HLA-B27 have caused my immune system to plummet. The least little bug knocks me out of action for weeks. Biologics made this worse. PsA has resulted in me becoming a recluse, which is something, in my wildest imagination, I never dreamed could happen. I wonder if this has happened to anyone else.
    Thanks for allowing me to vent.

    1. Hello , Your response touched me so much. Someone who understands. My immune system is shot. I am a people person but find myself staying at home because if someone breathes on me, I get sick. I am also on a biologic and my team of doctors are all working together right now to put together a new treatment plan. I keep getting infections.

      My mom was diagnosed with agoraphobia about 40 years ago. I don't think I've heard that term again until now. She had other health issues. I was never diagnosed with it.

      Just like you, I feel fine and very active; but one little bug knocks me out. I still travel and go out, but try to stay safe.

      It's sad that we have to go through so much in this life. My doctors always want to always put me on different medications. What about your healthcare team?

      You stay safe and thanks for sharing your journey with us. We are here if you need us.

    2. When I was preteen my mom was diagnosed with agoraphobia. This was in the late 70s when no one had heard the word agoraphobia let alone knew what it was. It took several years for her to be diagnosed and then get on the right treatment plan.

      Eventually she got well enough to go back to school and received a Masters in psychology. She ended up working with those that also were crippled by agoraphobia. She also has severe psoriasis but not PsA.

      Even though she's better she still feels safest at home and spends most of her time there.

      I just wanted you to know that you aren't alone. Sending love.🤗

  2. Hello , I'm just checking in to see how you are doing. You deal with so much daily. I'm on my 4th infection in 2 months. I have 6 grandkids. Every time they come around, I get sick. We have to deal with so much with this illness. I stay in as much as I can. What kind of things do you do to keep busy throughout the day? We are here if you need us. Diane (Team Member)

    1. A Basket of Flowers

    2. Hello , Oh my goodness!! These absolutely beautiful. You have skills and you are very talented. A writer along with all your other talents. I think it's amazing that you were able to trace your family line back so far. I tried to do that once but crossed a roadblock that I couldn't get over, and boy did I try. I got all the Census Bureau records and everything. Some of my ancestors couldn't write, so X was their signature. Then some were given the last names of their owners. I just gave up. It is so amazing that you were able to do that. I am very impressed. I agree with you, it is good to stay busy. Do you sell your work or do you just keep it? Keep moving forward and using your hand. On one of my doctor visits they told me I had developed carpal tunnel. Have you ever been checked for that? Oh, by the way, I have two fur babies also. Flappy and Coco. They are beagles and spoiled rotten.

  3. Thank you both for all your kind words. After I wrote, I was determined to get out and about. Well, maybe this isn’t the time. I have suffered more than I can remember this last month. My cervical spine (C3C4) is in pretty bad shape from anklyosing spondylitis; I am HLA-B27. They tell me that the PSA is linked to this gene. I have known for several years that the vertebrae in that area needed surgery, but I had an embolism and am on blood thinners. They tell me it’s too risky for surgery or even the shots I used to get.
    Well, I am rambling, sorry. This has caused occipital neuralgia with pretty badly swollen lymph glands. I can’t ever remember pain like this. They are giving me meds and doubled them yesterday but they aren’t touching this pain yet.
    Thankfully, the swelling is going down some but no relief yet.
    I told my best friend that I have been busy trying to find ashes and shaving my head (like the Biblical Job.) I am really trying to get through this but it has me “whooped” as my sweet daddy would say.
    I’m sorry I’m such a wet blanket. I have had this since I was 3 and I am 75. I trying to be grateful for all those years but I have been wondering for the last couple of years, if I should just just give in to this. I don’t mean hurt myself, I just mean relaxing and let God have his way.
    Maybe this is the pain talking but it is just how I feel. Thank you again, Lyn

    1. you do not need to apologize for anything. We are here for you to rant to. We are a sounding board for you to lay it out all on the table. We all get it. I had to think a minute or two about the finding ashes part but then when it clicked I thought what a great analogy to use. I think most of us having been looking for those ashes any time we hurt. Sending gentle hugs your way. Vickie W., Team Member

  4. thank you for your kind words. Please read Job 14:1. It is my favorite quote and pretty much sums up everything. I am still looking for ashes and haven’t finished shaving my head. This could take days or years, whatever it takes, “I am at peace in my soul.” Many blessings your way, Lyn

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