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Psoriatic Arthritis And Sjorgrens Disease

We do have a disease that keeps on giving. Our immune is always working against us. I don't have this, but I know someone that does. But doesn't have PsA with it.

Does anyone have both of these illnesses together? If so, what treatments are you on? We would like to hear from you.

Here is an article that I found that is a good read.

Diane (Team Member)

  1. What other illness do you have with PsA?

    1. hi Diane

      I seem to have collected a few weird and less than wonderful autoimmune problems.

      I was diagnosed with PsA in 2019. In 2018 I had severe archilles tendonitis and a partial tear that required surgery. Following that surgery my husband had a motorcycle accident and he was in rehab until I was walking again. We rehabbed together with hydrotherapy and physio. But a couple of months later, I had symptoms of a TIA (ministroke). I needed an emergency gall bladder removal about a month after that. Then there was the post menopausal bledding that needed investigating and finally a hysterectomy. Needless to say everything was extremely slow to heal. But it was during that year I had the first symptoms of PsA, which was missed by the GP. My orthopaedic surgeon thought something weird was going on with my body but couldn't figure it out.

      In 2019 I got to see a rheumatologist who diagnosed PsA. Then in 2020 I had shingles and ended up with trgeminal neuralgia. I also developed Schogren's syndrome, Reynaud's syndrome fibromyalgia, and T2DM.

      Eventually we found Xeljanz, which controlled most of my symptoms and I went into remission in 2022. The rheumatologist ceased the Xeljanz, and I was managing on Paracetamol twice a day.

      Then I got a mild dose of covid. Since then my inflammatory markers have been steadily above normal and my need for analgesics has increased. I did a pain management program which helped me a bit and I got an understanding of the emotional component of pain. I have been working with a skilled counsellor to define childhood trauma and grief in deciding to separate from abusive family members.

      Over the last few months I am needing more analgesics. But rather than go for opiods I've added Magnesium, Tegretol and essential oil for massage.

      The pain in my hands, fingers, wrists and feet has become steadily worse and now leading to restriction of activity. I've been working with various spcialists to figure out what is the best management. I needed a liver biopsy because the liver function test results were worsening. That meant more specialists, more waiting for months, all the time in pain.

      Today I met with my rheumatologist with all tests done. I was so hoping we would discuss what medication I could go on to to relieve all my sore constantly aching joints, but no. The rheumatologist now wants more up to date MRIs of my hands and feet before deciding.

      I feel so frustrated and down todsy. It's been 18 months and so much effort on my part to cover all other bases as best I can.

      Why is getting treatment so hard? I am tired today. We had a birthday party 2 days ago, with me doing the shopping and food preparation. The party was lovely but the pain that night was so severe I wanted to vomit. It took most of the night to find relief. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend. Today I went to Bible study. I am trying to maintain commitments and look after my family. It's so hard when I know my body will pay me back.

      I am so glad there is someone out there who understands. Thank you for being that someone.

    2. Hello , Thanks for sharing some of your journey with us. We go through so much with this illiness. I wake up every morning with pain and my doctors just keep doing test after test. They just keep changing my medication. I just take the good with the bad anymore. I totally agree with you, just doing small things can wipe you out for a whole day. When do you go back to the doctor to see if they will give you something for pain. We would like to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

  2. With my PSA, I am hypothyroid, have CKD stage 2 or 3 depending on the apt. I also have gout, plantar fascitis, tendonitis in numerous spots. Also some fatty liver due to reaction to arthritis medication. I also have had endometriosis even though some say that diagnosis is current due to being menopausal. Before I was diagnosed with PSA I also had a history of bone spurs and impingement syndrome of both shoulders.
    Right now just trying to find the right medication for the PSA. But as we all know it's still hit and miss.

    1. Hello , I understand. My list is very long also. I just keep taking my medications and keep moving forward. I agree with you that finding the right treatment for PsA is not easy, but we will never give up. Thanks for sharing so much of your journey with us. Diane (Team Member)

    2. you really are managing a lot! Unfortunately, as Diane pointed out, other PsA does seem to like to "collect" other conditions (whether they are actually related to PsA or not). Please know that you aren't alone!

      I'm crossing my fingers that you find the right medication to help manage your PsA symptoms soon! It can be a frustrating process of hit and miss as you said, so I really hope that you find that "hit" very very soon. I imagine you already have the information, but I also wanted to share an article with some information about treatment options, just in case,

      Sending you gentle hugs! -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  3. Thank You so much, additional information is always appreciated.

    1. you're welcome! And sorry my link didn't work, for some reason. Hopefully you were able to copy and paste it. (Usually it should come across as clickable -- darn technology. I have a love/hate relationship with it.) -- Warmly, Christine (Team Member)

  4. Hello , Just checking in to see how you are doing. Sometimes this can be a lonely road to travel. We would like to hear from you and see if you found anything to help you. Thanks for being part of the community. Diane (Team Member)

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