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What Side Effects Does Otezla Have?

My doctor wants me to start on Otezla. First, she wanted to start me on methotrexate but I refused because I'm a nurse in the ER and have Covid all around me and I was nervous suppressing my immune system.

I just wanted to see about side effects and how did it help with your pain?

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  1. Hi @melissaschu!
    Your reluctance is understandable given your career. I hope the pandemic lifts within the next year and that you will no longer have to take coronavirus into consideration when deciding on a treatment plan.
    While you are waiting for responses from the community, I thought I would share with you this forum post about Methotrexate. The poster had similar concerns. I hope this helps.
    Thank you for putting yourself at risk every day to fight this virus on the front lines.
    Best of all wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Thank you! My dr understands my reluctance,so she wants to start me on Otezla, I just wanted to see if that helped and how were the side effects.

      1. I haven't started any treatment yet

        1. So sorry, @MelissaSchu! I read your post wrong. Here is a similar forum post about Otezla and its side effects. I hope you are able to take it and that it helps. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

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