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New here. Excited I’m not alone.

Hello. I’m really excited I found this site and these forums. I’ve read some great articles on the site. I live alone and just moved across Texas for a new job, so all of my support system and family are a several hours away. I got diagnosed a couple of months after the move and it’s been a rough five months. No one quite understands what I’m dealing with and my family and friends aren’t around to see it, and it’s not an easy task to explain all of the minutia of PsA. So I’m glad to have this group!

  1. Hi John and welcome!
    I'm glad you found us - especially now that you are away from your support system and family....don't hesitate to ever reach out 😀

    1. Glad you found us, . Welcome. Sounds like you might really relate to this post, Do You Think I Like Feeling This Way? Between the relentless fatigue and chronic pain, PsA really turns whole lives upside down. Are you working with a rheumatologist to find some relief? -Eileen, Team

    2. Thank you. I started working with my first great rheumatologist 8 months ago after 15 years of symptoms, docs treating a few of them to little success, but never giving me a diagnosis. Started the methotrexate injections 8 months back&now on Embral too. Took 4 months from script to pharma finally sending meds. Endless calls,insurance issues etc. we all know that drill. I will defintely read that article suggestion. I wrote a piece a while back about being married to an ER doc&having to attend tons of events where inevitably not knowing 1 of the docs, NP, nurses will start complaining about chronic pain patients and assume we are all opioid shopping. I bit my tongue until 1 day I didn’t. I get it we have an opioid crisis, but we also have ppl who live everyday in chronic pain only hoping for a diagnosis&some help to function. I don’t want narcotics, but I do want respect. Thank you everyone.

  2. Hi all,
    I'm a 35 year old male and cannot take it anymore, so iv started treatment on sulfasalazine, this is my 2nd day now and still no side effects so far, has anyone else been taking this drug? I was told it can take 2 months to see any benifits, will the swelling and pain ever go away? Will my back get better as I was told nerve pain is separate to the swelling? Roll on the summer as I get much better then.
    God bless you all Glenn

    1. Loving my job! I’m a teacher. Always busy, but happy busy!

    2. Hi fran,
      The arthritis is a lot better, my hand hurts now and then but I have not taken pain killers for at least 4 weeks now and I do not need them anymore, I do get ill as in colds quite quickey just got over a nasty cold, the sickness feeling does not go away but I can still eat loads fine haha all in all I'm doing really well on this medication and I'm now having blood tests once a month and soon to be once every 3 months. Hope you feel better soon as I am

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