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enthesitis and exercising

Hi everyone
Im really aggravated right now Im currently taking Cosentyx and Otezla to combat my severe Enthesitis which is affecting my knees, feet and hip … problem is I can’t seem to exercise (walk) because when Im about a mile into my walk my legs start to lock up I stop and stretch and it progressively gets worse to the point I can’t walk (I use hiking sticks) and these help but I lock up so bad and I even have this locking up when I use exercise machines….

This issue is seriously stressing me out I can’t get healthy if I can’t do the basic thing such as walking.

Any tips or solutions that anyone has discovered that can alleviate this pain.

Thanks in advance

  1. Hi . I can understand why you are so frustrated. Has your doctor checked to make sure nothing else is going on with your knees and legs? That sensation of locking up usually occurs when people with PsA are without motion for too long. One possibility is spasticity, which involves the Central Nervous System might not be PsA related at all. I hope you get some advice from the community, but I would definitely mention this to both your rheumatologist and your primary care doctor. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy (burning sensation) on the tops of my feet, is this the same as you mentioned or is it something different? I have had this locking sensation for the past 5 years never ever had it prior to PSA.

  2. Hi Lori, I looked up what you said and definitely doesn’t seem like my issue and I asked the neurologist if I could have MS since it does run in my family my nephew has been battling it for years and she assured me Im too old (I’m 51) and I did not have any of these issues prior to my thyroidectomy… it’s really annoying and is really eating into my trying to get healthy again.

    1. Hi . It might be a good idea to see the neurologist, especially since you already have small fiber neuropathy. The fact that the onset of these symptoms coincided with the diagnosis of PsA could mean the two are related or it could me that the stress of PsA triggered something else. There are so many possible reasons for your legs locking up that a thorough evaluation would be a smart thing to do. I am not sure why your neurologist told you that you are too old for MS, Many women are diagnosed in their 50s. I hope it is not MS, but it should not be discounted simply because of your age. I hope you get some answers soon and some relief. - Lori (Team Member)

  3. I really, really do feel for you. For years I struggled similarly with these kinds of issues. It is entirely likely that your knee and hip joints have some level of damage from the disease, but what you describe really sounds like something that could really benefit from some good physical therapy. I went a few years with an undiagnosed thyroid condition that wreaked havoc on a lot of my body's systems, including neurological. Once I had that sorted, it was still a long, hard slog to get back to walking without an assistive device. I hired a personal trainer, I went through about 24 weeks of physical therapy. After having made sure you have no damage requiring surgical intervention, get set up with some PT. Physical therapists are great at pinpointing problems and causes behind them.

    1. I definitely have thyroid issues had thyroidectomy in 2016 for cancer thats when everything hit the fan for me.

      I have tried physical therapy in the past and it seemed to exasperate my leg issues for some reason.

      The locking sensation comes from the tendons in my legs, my PSA attacks my tendons more then bones although I believe it attacks my bones for sure … the tendons get so agitated that they freeze which causes my locking or in ability to properly bend knees, ankles and hips.

    2. Hello 😀 It is great that you know how important it is to try and keep our bodies moving a little. But locking joints and tendons hurt so bad! While locking and freezing joints can be a part of PsA, it is also associated with fibromyalgia. If you have many "tender" parts on your body that could be another hint at fibro.
      Either way, if you are uncomfortable, always notify your doctor so they can check for changes. In the meantime, when my joints started to lock and freeze up while walking, I added some gentle yoga (basic, gentle stretches) that really helped keep my joints gliding along gently, opposed to just locking up and being angry with me.
      Our advocate, has a great article on starting gentle yoga and its benefits.
      I really hope you are able to find something that helps, or get a physical therapy referral so they can help you with some exercises to keep everything moving smoothly. Sending gentle hugs and thank you for being a great part of our community! -Leanne (Team Member)

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